"Did the Catfish EAT the Giant Gourami?" WORLDS LARGEST INDOOR HOME 1 day ago   12:36

The king of DIY
"Did the Catfish EAT the Giant Gourami?" I am getting asked that daily. Today we update on the aquarium gallery and all the fish.

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The king of DIY
“Did the catfish eat susan?”... we can stop asking me this now lol
Blake McDonald
name the catfish Kirby or Dyson
The red-tail should be called Hoover 😂😂😂
Because he's a vacuum
Denae Martin
Name the red tail. "Pac Man" because he just. Eats and eats
A good name for the catfish would be “Vacuum” because of how he eats, LOL!
Name him rumba
I've seen a redtail eat a sliver arowana twice the size of the catfish.
If the redtail could live on land, he would be joey’s vacuum cleaner
Lee Tharachai
I would name the catfish Shamu because it’s black and white and big!
Ted Townsend
"IF" you decide to get rid of these catfish, I would love to see you grow out a school of Redline Torpedo Barbs in this tank. I don't believe you have had these yet? They look incredible when full grown and make a beautiful school in a large long tank.
Steve Gamez
Name the catfish either “Hoover or Dyson” they inhale food like a vacuum cleaner haha 😂 great video Joey 👍
Gotta call the RTC Bluey.
Binu Tomy
Very rare guppies
Binu Tomy
RIP susan
SHx Bumblebee
Name the radtail best
Alex Adams
I just came across your channel today and I've been watching all of your videos! I'm hooked! Also, everytime I see a video with the catfish I want to call him Kevin. He just looks like a Kevin to me.
Sam Mcewan
I think it would be cool if you have one of the tanks and try to shove as many community fish as possible
Sam Mcewan
Name the catfish Hoover
Travis Dey
The tree branch idea sounds like it would look amazing!! And I think the redtail cat looks like a Greg
Darling Spook Arts
"Man, you're getting UGLY. Just the way I like it." That killed me lmao. Only fish keepers really understand that it really be like that sometimes.
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WORLDS LARGEST INDOOR HOME "Did the Catfish EAT the Giant Gourami?" 1 day ago   11:53

The craziest place i've EVER been too, you believe any of it till you see it...

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