New Jersey House Explosion Under ABANDONED city in America with 6 months ago   01:26

CBS New York
An explosion leveled a home in Sussex County overnight. Residents say they could feel the massive blast from miles away. CBS2's Natalie Duddridge reports from Hardyston.

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Nicole DiMayo
This was no accident. This was done with a deliberate action. Supposedly a few months vacant, nothing happens then, but suddenly the house explodes and at 11pm?
M4573R M1ND
My God could you imagine?
Tom Rockwell
I live right around the corner. We heard an extremely loud bang and the whole house shook. My wife thought a truck hit our house. My daughter goes to that school, which is now closed "indefinitely."
I heard it from Vernon
Sussex County Aerials
Sussex county house explosion yesterday was caught on my trail cam. Here is the video:
SupaTrending Daily
i live less then a mile away and it sounded like a bomb went off in my backyard. the sock wave sounded like artillery firing.
mar pp
didn't hear it, but damn, that's a lot of damage.
Timmy the Bunny
Everybody was sleeping in Hampton so I didn’t know much about it but one of my friends told me about it today before school so I couldn’t see about. He also said that he felt it and glass bottles were falling and breaking. One of my windows actually broke from it. When he told me about it I realized that the explosion caused it.
Sunny Colligan
Fishy as hell
I heard it while I was playing Overwatch Competitive.
The sound must have been ear shattering. Everything was totally obliterated. I feel for who all has to clean this up.
Scared the shit out of me. I bit my tongue.
Kimber Slack
Houses in Jefferson Township were shook by the explosion, very scary
Dave Rutan
I heard it over in Franklin, but didn't feel anything shake. I sounded like thunder.
Cool Clorox
I felt it and it shook my entire house and everyone in my school is saying dID u hEre iT. I live around 15 miles away from Hardystown.
Ruby Calderon
I felt it
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ABANDONED city in America with New Jersey House Explosion Under 6 months ago   10:19


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