The art of cognitive blindspots | Kyle Eschen The mentalist | Ronn Winter | TEDxHickory 2 days ago   14:39

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Using two classics of magic, Kyle Eschen explores the psychological techniques that underlie theatrical deception. As people wander the world, they use assumptions and heuristics to filter out everything that they deem unimportant - Kyle gives a conjuror’s perspective on the brain’s predictable blind spots.

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Magician Kyle Eschen thinks deeply about psychology of deception. Through a decade of performing he has seen that people possess gaping blind spots, which he will highlight through magic routines with audacious methods.

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He shakes ODEE
Marcel Cozma
11:04 Subtle throw up of the red ball (let's call it red ball 1) from left hand to the right hand while trying to cover that by distracting the eye with the pen.
11:07 Red ball 1 is still in his right hand while showing the other 2 red balls ( red ball 2 and red ball 3 )
11:09 After leaving the red ball 2 and 3 on the table he throws the red ball 1 into the cup from his left hand (the lower one). Not sure if the pen was a distraction made on purpose or an error, not really distracting anything for me.
11:14 Lower cup goes back on the table on his right side(our left) with the ball 1 under it, and he takes and puts ball 2 & 3 on top of the cups. At this time cup on his left side ( our right ) has nothing under. it will have at 11:32
11:30 After trying to distract your attention with other things , he's pretending to take the ball 2 with the right hand and put it in the left hand , but the ball 2 never goes in his left hand, it stays in the right hand.
11:32 Ball 2 from his right hand goes under the cup on his left (our right side) at 11:32. At the same time he's taking the ball 3 from the top of the same cup on our right side.
11:34 Pretends to put the two balls in his pocket (which is actually just one ball (ball 3), one (ball 2) went under the cup explained above at 11:32) . He's actually preparing now to take a lime out while doing itsy bitsy stuff with the balls previously hidden under the cups at 11:09(11:14) and 11:32
11:39 He puts the lime (lime 1) from his left hand under the cup on his right , at the same time when discovering the red ball 1
11:40 cup goes back on table with lime under
11:42 The exact same trick as the one at 11:30, so ball 1 stays on his right hand.
11:43 While pretending he has put the ball 1 on his left pocket he's taking another lime out.
11:44 He shows and pick up with left hand the red ball 2 which he has put under the cup at 11:32
11:45 Lime (Lime 2) goes from his left hand under the cup on his left.
11:46 He puts the cup back with the lime (lime 2) under. At this time both cups have limes under.
11:49 He has a red ball on each hand. He's pretending to throw one ball from his left hand to his right hand ( it never happens, just an illusion). He actually throws up in the air ball 2 with left hand and ball 1 from 11:42 with right hand.
It's not shown when he puts both on his right hand, which he's pretending to cut into two at 11:56
at 12:12 after putting both balls on top of the cups ( cups which they are prepared with limes under already), he's left with taking the 3rd lime out, which happens at 13:18
13:16 Pretending to put the balls on the pocket he's taking the 3rd lime out while uncovering the lime from his right side
13:19 Lime 3 is on the cup on his left hand. Cup goes back on the table on his left (our further right side) with 3rd lime under, before uncovering both limes now.
wesley n
Somebody give this guy's sense of humor a glass of water
What is that lady at 10:32 painting in the middle of the performance
His humor is what blinds you.
Raya Koth
5:44 left sleeve :o
His name is Connor. He is the android sent by Cyberlife.
Dennis Yun
Nobody: Humor meanwhile in 3019...
Joakim Svensson
I came for the magic but in truth, The real magic was his sense of humor
Tomo Kodachi
this guy talks in times new roman
Jeremiah Johnson
I have ADHD and I'm hyper aware so I am the opposite of the spectrum!
ahmed ansari
"I don’t do the magic. We do the magic”
The looks on his face 😂
The strings are attached to weights. Notice every time he pulls a string he lifts the other stick causing gravity to pull on the weight therefore pulling the string into the wooden "wand". As soon as he let's go of the one in his pocket it starts retracting.
Dj Ok
5:22 had himself a good laugh
Gravity & Other Symphonies
So many comments about the crowd not laughing... but they did laugh, quite a lot, are we watching the same video?
tough crowd
It would be nice if he hid the strings in his sleeves.
Darryl Hammett
I'm glad he's getting out more.
John Salmons
these are not the droids you're looking for
11:46 and 13:18 he puts 2 of the citrus fruits into the cups. You see how he puts his other hand behind his jacket while revealing one fruit? :D But amazing!
Watching on 0.25 like a gangster (⌐■_■) Too lazy to search for the 3rd citrus though.
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The mentalist | Ronn Winter | TEDxHickory The art of cognitive blindspots | Kyle Eschen 2 days ago   16:09

Magician, Mentalist and Psychological Entertainer, Ronn Winter has been using the art of deception, psychology, and influence to entertain CEOs, Executives, Managers, and Employees from companies, corporations, and resorts such as Google Data, Fifth Third Bank, Neiman Marcus, Duke Energy, UPS, MGM resorts, The Bellagio, and more for over a decade.

Developing an obsession in high school with finding out what makes us tick, and learning how to read people, Ronn Winter has devoted many years to learning the process of plucking thoughts from people's minds.

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