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Top 10 Best Music Videos of 2018 So Far
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If you’re going to make a music video in 2018, these are the ones to beat! Welcome to and today we’ll be taking a look at our picks for the Top 10 Best Music Videos of 2018 So Far. For this list, we’ll be breaking down visuals from stars like Kali Uchis, 21 Pilots, Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, Drake, SZA, Childish Gambino, Panic! At The Disco and more, to see who is really pushing the music video format forward with strong messages, incredible production and art design, direction and overall effect on the audience. Did your favorite music video of the year make the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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#10: "Finesse (Remix)"  feat. Cardi B 
#9: "Make Me Feel" 
#8: "Jumpsuit" 
#7: "All the Stars”  
#6:  "Walk It Talk It” feat. Drake 
#5: "No Tears Left To Cry" 
#4: "After the Storm” feat. Tyler, The Creator & Bootsy Collins 
#3, #2 & #1: ?

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Akanksha Deka
lei- chan
Bts fans go on about bts, Drake fans go on about Drake. What's the difference. That's how it works for all artests and their fans. Eventually it would be great if more people could just care about the music rather then the ethnicity's behind it. I am a kpop fan, as well as a bts fan. Even people in the kpop community know that army can sometimes go over board. But it's also because bts has been through hell and back, like many people I'm sure. But especially to the older fans I can understand them wanting to share their group and protect them. The idol scene is very different from the music scene in the us. Fans see almost everything, and to watch as someone you really admire and want to support, get torn down and rejected. Constantly worrying that you won't be able to help them at all, that they will not make it. Army can really understand this feeling, especially the fans that have been there sense pre debut. All I mean is try to at least understand that something could be very different then what you thought at first. They are all people, and artests, who deserve to be treated fairly as such, no matter their age, ethnicity, appearance, or language.
Sorry this is so long.
Sipho Silimela-SHEEPOANIME
A$AP Forever not even an honorable mention let alone in the top ten shame on you
Michael Sali
Where Girls Like You by Maroon five?
K11DD 808Wafalme
Offset Drake and Lil Yatchty deliver great dance moves
Crazy reviews
Happier by marshmallow ??
The Sleepy Jimin
This list is to cheap for BTS
DK.AB12 Paul Pogba
SAD! Was the best music video of 2018
Alex Rehe
No ASAP forever?
Daisy Allsopp
wheres asap forever?
Madison Billette
Where tf is Lovely By Billie Eilish.....?
Smeet Shah
Axel RD
Sicko mode
Ahmad Murchad
Im happy that all the stars was on the list
Alfie Bishop
Clout Cobain? 🤔
im so happy kali uchis is on here
Javion Bragg-Oliver
If idgaf by dua lips isn’t in here I’m going to be Heated😡😡
Shovel Games
This is America got views cuz it's a meme! And allso good thing you are not pushing BTS shit in my face.
Shelby Thomas
I don’t know half these songs tbh ..😬😂
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