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Curtis Shideler
Nice lists! I'm pleasantly surprised to see Iron Man 3 on there. It really should have been released around Christmas and played it up a little more.
Don Beleef
I want to marry your wife's clone.
Lina Park
I keep looking at comments and description to see a list of 6 films Craig watched. But I can't find it....... I'm used to people writing things now I think.
Solids Jimmy Stewart impersonation
Smedley For Prez
Good impersonation ... but funny 😄
Christmas movies should only count if their story revolves around Christmas themes. “Elf” is a Christmas movie. “Prancer” is one of my favorites. “Die Hard” is NOT a Christmas movie. It is an amazing action movie that takes place during Christmastime.
Joy Jarvis
"MIXED NUTS" is my go to Christmas Movie. I can't believe how underknown/rated it is!! Steve Martin, Adam Sandler, Juliett Lewis, Liev Schreiber in drag and many more in an incredible cast. very very very funny and heartwarming.
cold chocolate > hot chocolate
Jennifer Decker
I can't think of a better person to voice "A Christmas Carol" than Patrick Stewart.
Paul Christianson
wheezy MST3K. thumb up!
Muppet Family Christmas, a tv special from 1987. It will make you very happy.
Tokyo Godfathers is one of my favourite Christmas movies.
Meghan Schuler
By the way if you're going to do The Bishop's Wife please do the newer version of The Bishop's Wife was the classic absolutely Untouchable great movie but I actually like the preacher's wife better and here's why Whitney Houston singing music in that movie it's got Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston it's phenomenal Denzel plays an angel he's really funny and Charming Whitney Houston sings in it a couple times and it is just magical great Christmas movie you got to watch it just FYI. For those who've never heard of it because most people have never heard of the preacher's wife either so yeah if you're going to see The Bishop's Wife please see the preacher's wife you can compare. I don't give a s*** just see it
Meghan Schuler
Meet Me in St Louis is in my top 50 favorite movies of all time and I watch it like 10 times a year it is probably in my top 25 I mean it's up there I love this movie so much. The little girl by the way the five-year-old is actually a very famous actress her name is Margaret O'Brien she was in a ton of s*** in fact I think she's been in stuff when she was an adult too but I could be wrong but I'm 90% sure she acted well into her like like you know 60s and stuff but as a little girl she was in I mean like under the age of se25 I know she was in a ton of movies I mean it just a ton of really famous classic films if you like Classics I mean if you're not a classic connoisseur I guess then who cares but some of us kind of love Classics my mom is my mom's mom got her into movies and then she passed down the love to me and you know that because of that I sought out movies that I enjoyed or actresses and actors that I enjoyed so I've seen every Judy Garland film I absolutely think meet me in st. Louis is her best film it's her at her best her best for Foreman's best songs better than Wizard of Oz sorry guys but it's true and how Liza Minnelli wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for this movie so there you go LOL. But no Honestly though I do think meet me in st. Louis her best performance Not A Star is Born that was good too but this is Icing by far her best because it's just so I don't know endearing I guess makes you love the whole family. Anyway sorry I'm raving about this I'm glad jingle all the way was on your list but another classic and I know everybody seem Little Women but if you're going to go for a little women do the one with Margaret O'Brien and I want to say Elizabeth Taylor isn't it too if not that's another version in that one's good too but not as good as this one this is the best version by far do not see any of the others Little Women is only good in this context I'm telling you this is the best Little Women although there have been like series like the Little Women series or whatever recently I think it was last year that they made that was really good that was the first time I said okay this is a good comparison to the original Walt wasn't the original but the second like a 1940s late 40s movie and it's got It's good it's my favorite so yep and it's got Margaret O'Brien the five year old that kills dolls LOL so yeah if you like Margaret O'Brien definitely check out some of our other movie she's done a lot of really good movies.
English Roberts
The Apartment's one of my favorites
Krystal Mayes
I'd love to know what you thought about Just Friends!!! It's one of my favorites!
Jedediah Bone
Four Christmases, greatest ever underrated Christmas movie.
Josh Mac
if you ever do a sequel to this video maybe try Michael Keaton's Jack Frost, its from 1998, has hart break, snow related back story, magic and a snowman, in short everything you need for a fantastic Christmas tale
Spee Spa
Before I watch.... Jingle All the Way?
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Another Special Guest Appearance Searching for a New Classic Christmas Movie 6 months ago   11:49

Actually it's just Chyna again.