West Coast drought reveals The abandoned skyscrapers of Detroit 1 day ago   03:32

CBS This Morning
The drought emergency in the west stretches beyond California. The water level in Nevada's Lake Mead is at a record low of about 37 percent. John Blackstone reports on how the nation's largest man-made reservoir is now bursting with surprises for history buffs.

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Raul Vaquer
Is fun how Americans see those "ruins" when in Europe we find roman ruins on every day basis 😂
Fancy Feast
Way to put a happy spin on a terrible situation that is only going to get worse.
Gavin Roddy
Were is this guy getting his facts the b-29 was not the most used at all not even close to the b-17
Nevada not Nevoda
I was kind of expecting them to find Mirelurks or something
W. S
Quit drinking water California!!!
Melvin Cordovez
And still...
The Fools don't believe in GLOBAL WARMING....

 "The shrewd one sees the danger and conceals himself, But the inexperienced keep right on going and suffer the consequences."
(Proverbs 22:3)
jordan woolley
Good thing about it being shallower. Wtf nothing good about it being shallower less water means people will eventually run out and die :/
Christpher R Fritz
Wonder what is its status four years after in 2019..
will Rogers
Lets just get a bunch of divers out here to look at it... instead of taking pictures and trying to remove it and put it in a museum
East Coast Best Coast
Tom Meyers
California has only two rules
1) We have no water don't use any
2) Welcome Amigo... Your new Sanctuary Welfare Home.
Tom Meyers
West Coast drought reveals surprises beneath Lake Mead:
Taco Trucks from the Pre-Cambrian era.
I've been here and seen first hand how low the water has dropped.
I thought that B-29 was just from New Vegas, but the more you know I guess.
Truth hurts
Its Sad what has happened to the lake maybe we should open our eyes and fix the problem
Noah Shillings
That's the plane from Fallout: New Vegas
Right turn Clyde
If every libtard jumped into the lake and drowned the water level would rise, do your part caltards!
Right turn Clyde
cAlifornia needs to be wiped off the map , too many unAmerican turds in cali.
I Comment Facts
Does this video remind anyone else of that one Scooby Doo movie with the dam?
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The abandoned skyscrapers of Detroit West Coast drought reveals 1 day ago   05:31

The Telegraph visits the abandoned skyscrapers of Detroit, USA, where the population has fallen from 2 million to 800,000. Alastair Good meets the residents who are searching for solutions.

Made by Alastair Good

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