Knows Where the Bodies are Buried Skull & Bones | Why George H.W. 6 months ago   25:38

Lori Colley
New Q: Flynn is part of the plan, met with Mueller 19 times and gave "substantial" help--so little/no jail time!
Information from latest Q posts suggests Mueller working with White Hats to expose Hussein administration, HRC!
Thanks for watching and praying!

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Josh Shaw
Can we start arresting treasonous scumbags yet ?
Maby see a couple hangings ?
Not much...
Just a little satisfaction,
Will muster the people in support and approval like we have never seen in history !!!
Q=Mueller and Mueller =Q
Truth Rainer
Yep he knows and if he dont he will
"...the house will fall," so look for a bunch of seats to open at some point in this operation.
gary vonneida
With GOD at the helm We stand a chance; but , without Him We will be adrift.
Jon Heimsjø
Everything is a part of the plan, it's the plan of God and free men. I know it's so dark right now, that it feels completely overwhelming, but take solace in the fact that the devil sees no more than we do in this darkness. Have heart, my dear.
Jules Suranyi
Lori you do a great job ... I find your enlightening words really great .... I do not know, but all the Q anon's releases feel like reading the verses of Nostradamus .... Cross-references, abbreviations, clutter, hints, hint and this link, reference to the next link etc. and we ordinary mortals can put together what may well be meant by his announcements .... Should these publications wear down one, so that the population the interest in the actual happening gets lost? There have been so many stories of lies populated by the people that I can imagine that one could certainly handle clear messages better than with the hints thrown away ....
Not Backing Down
The only thing Q has said is if Rosenstein is bad, Mueller is bad, if Mueller is bad, Rosenstein is bad. He did hint once ages ago that Mueller might be a white hat. Nothing since. Zilch. Nada. Nyet. I believe he is a black hat.
Lawrence Paolino
Knowing where they are buried Is a blessing to the Loved ones, for closure. Who DID IT IS THE? ??? When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to the evildoers. Proverbs21:15
Joyce Nay
With there being NO coincidence and I do believe that statement. Bush Sr. Death was known about. So why keep repeating dec.5 theres no stopping it ????????
Deb Clarke
Thank you Lord Amen x May WWG1 WGA and the 5 eyes and every Nation be free x
Amber Vaughn
Lori thank you for this! Your channel and Quanon updates are very easy to follow. I really enjoy listening to you. WWG1WGA! To all my Q family in the comments sending love and blessings and a Merry Christmas to all!
Nievez Rodriguez
Lori...I am sure there was a deal made of some kind to investigate others at the same time by Mueller and make it seen as a Russia probe...think leverage. 😎
American Muscle
Mueller uranium one = bad man not good man.
Mueller not recommending prison time does not mean Flynn is a good guy.
Mueller is not working for trump. Mueller is a black hat and he is going down.
Why does he know where the bodies are buried?
Jeanna Chaney
Mueller may be doing this to save himself. Mueller did meet with Trump one day prior to him being named as Special Council. Who knows. Everything is so confusing. Just remember God wins in the end. Good will prevail. I think that the good Lord is giving us one last chance to save souls. God Bless you all.
douglas mccann
Hey how many more days of bush funeral... msm needs a new event
douglas mccann
Jfk papers implicate ghb... thats y jeb and george kissing trumps ass now....
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Skull & Bones | Why George H.W. Knows Where the Bodies are Buried 6 months ago   41:54

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