Prime Minister's Questions: 1 May 2019 The truth about global warming 2 days ago   46:03

UK Parliament
The Prime Minister, Theresa May, answered questions from MPs in the House of Commons on Wednesday 1 May 2019.

Question Time in the House of Commons is an opportunity for MPs to question government ministers about matters for which they are responsible.

Prime Minister's Question Time, also referred to as PMQs, takes place every Wednesday that the House of Commons is sitting and gives MPs the chance to put questions to the Prime Minister.

In most cases, the session starts with a routine 'open question' from an MP about the Prime Minister's engagements. MPs can then ask supplementary questions on any subject, often one of current political significance.

The Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, asks six questions and the leader of the second largest opposition party asks two.

You can follow for official news and information for the UK House of Commons Chamber.

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Kieran OConnell
Time for the tories to go!
Kieran OConnell
May I just say that if people r in poverty most of the times they r homeless - now to get a job what do u have to have - A HOUSE! So if people r homeless and dont have a job how on earth r they supposed to get out of poverty?
Alex Baseball4
They argue about average age of life falling. But cant vote for a brexit deal. Embarrassing. Vote Brexit Party
McCabes ghostly going on
I wish they get rid of bedroom tax that was a different government. That why we don't eat.
Dale Maddock
The working class Brits have had enough of these xxx holes.
Blue-Eyed Pagan
Scum the lot of them.
Where is Cromwell when the Country needs him...😡
mike h
Fixed more potholes ??? i have reported all the potholes in my road ..........they came out looked at the 5 potholes that were massive and deep and ruining my car..........and fixed 1 !!!!.....................i contacted them again and they fixed another 2 !!! less than 5 days later it rained and the newly fixed potholes have dropped and are now collecting rainwater and breaking up already.................................FIXED MORE POTHOLE YOU ARE NO FOR 5 IN MY ROAD.
31:31, A Noble case to work for.
26:10, ...the most desperate...
I don't understand why the British keep this lady in office..she is in with Obama and the rest of them frauds.
Felbo Vargas
The Malvinas are from the sister nation of Argentina, I still do not understand why they have not expelled the british from that land...
Phillip Patterson
been watching this and i think i am making the right decision or possibly not in voting for LIBDEM as they have stated in their manifesto that they want to evaluate who in the UK actually want brexit and what is the best way to go about the tidy up
Theresa May: Personifying the NPC meme since years before the NPC meme was a thing.

michael collins
lies lies lies you gave britain away to everyone else why so many knife attacks acid attacks? welfare for all.
Mike The Stand
Man-made climate change is brainwashing and scaremongering, there is no crisis, we will be ok and in 11 years we will see there has been little change but those who will not see reality will still cry for climate change. Our youth of today have been fed bad information and formed bad ideas. They refuse to look beyond talking points and do their own research the level of laziness is stunning. Do some research. There is NO crisis.
Climate change is real, it has been real for millions of years and will be real for millions of years, it is a natural cycle of weather, not a man-made event.
The best data from satellites and weather balloons show no warming for the last nearly 19 years.
CO2 is necessary for plant growth and photosynthesis which creates oxygen, a fairly important gas for us all. 
Water vapour is a greenhouse gas.
Antarctic ice is growing.
The occurrence of catastrophic weather events is decreasing.
No amount of money stolen from the people in the name of climate change will make any difference worldwide because it is all a lie and total fraud perpetrated on the world.
31.487 scientists including 9.029 PHDs signed a petition to state that there was NO evidence for man-made climate change.
Do some research and find the truth for yourself in all things never accept that what you are told is factual.
Jieming Shao
Why there are so many people say 'yeah, yeah,yeah'? It is really noisy. Why do not you just say 'yeah' in your brain and maintain a quiet and non-emotional pressure environment for those speakers?
Lily Steel
Climate change? I am sorry I missed a few episodes of Brexit because of university. Are we still on season one or are we now on two??
Mr Me
May Do you believe in Gravity ?
John Castle
It’s like a drunken works outing ,everybody is so jolly and happy ,not a care in the world .
mc 007
And now she an corbyn will get there little hammers out and cobble a brexit deal together that won't get through the house and start the blame game all over again they have learned nothing about today, Both of them are too old to change now they are stuck in the 70's there is a new kid on the block now Nigel and he will deliver brexit the way it should have been done 3 years ago . No deal may just out.
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The truth about global warming Prime Minister's Questions: 1 May 2019 2 days ago   14:29

Dr. Patrick Michaels, director of the Center for the Study of Science at the Cato Institute, provides insight into the debate over climate change and the political games played to create policy.

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