Jim Rohn: GET UP & GET IT DONE (One of The Most Diseases of Attitude - Jim Rohn 2 days ago   10:02

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Jim Rohn: GET UP & GET IT DONE (One of The Most Eye Opening Speeches)

Jim Rohn
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johnny blaime
Alex Cummins
Mjm Juma
Jim Rohn is my favorite speaker 🥇
Sethu Mbingo
at first I thought it was jo budden
Watched. Liked. Subscribed. Downloaded.
And Thank You So Much. 🙏❤️

God Bless You 🙏 😍 😘
To Release is To Resolve
Music is all jacked up cutting in and out.
Raed M
Thank you for leaving a legacy Mr. Rohn. You changed my life.
Latoya Cunningham
Success- "Fear God and keep His commandments for this is the whole purpose of man." Solomon, the richest and wisest man of all time, gave us facts!!!
Just do it, yes take action!!
Rosendo Gonzalez
You guys fuck this video with all the commercial and advertising
Chris Folland
So true! Love this :-)
Manuel Torres
Nancy Solari
Thank you for that empowering message. This video reminds us that the small stuff is crucial to the end result and goal as we strive to live full out.
Abdul Samad
Music? Thanks for the video
St Peter
I am from Zimbabwe l have the land gold rich land for commercial ranching. The only problem is getting someone to partner with. Jim is incredible. He changed my life l dont procrastinate anymore because of him and his genius.
Roberto Romero
I love jim rohn
Douglas Barbieri Personal Development Coach
🔥 Excellent Video, I really like Jim’s philosophy!
💪Thanks for sharing!👍
💭Success is something you attract not something you pursue!🎯
💡When we learn how to reset our minds, learn to love ourselves and stop comparing ourselves with others, it’s guaranteed we become different and the new possibilities are endless!💥
Live every minute as if it was your last! Make the most of it! ;-) Have a Successful and Happy Life!
Mitkovski Philosophy
Once you decide to change yourself, you will change your habits, and discipline will come without being forced. This is because you'll want to constantly improve yourself every day. And then you create a daily schedule you'd love in the long run as well.

But it all requires a will to change and a deep self-interest to constantly work on yourself.
EGT es de casada con mi ex esposo OTH ES. MI EX ESPOSO donde tu be mi tre hijos. Y lo testifico con el poder de maestro padre celestial y nombre de nuestro padre jesucristo Amen
.mi pajina de one es es busca de trabajo es was mas. Y watch y lo testifico con el poder de maestro padre celestial y nombre de nuestro padre jesucristo Amen
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Diseases of Attitude - Jim Rohn Jim Rohn: GET UP & GET IT DONE (One of The Most 2 days ago   26:34