GOTTA SEE IT: Kevin Durant Helped NBA "Teammates NOT Helping Each Other" 2 days ago   01:36

Kevin Durant had to be helped off the floor after he injured himself planting his foot down awkwardly and couldn't put any weight on his leg afterwards.

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Frederick Andrews
My boy kd going bald
Maran Muruganantha
The fans that don’t deserve it were the few raptors fans that were booing the injury. The rest of the diehard fans including me were appalled when the cheering happened. Not to mention that we donated $500k to KD’s charity as an apology. Unfortunately those bandwagons made us look bad.
Dominic Delgado
I didn't think Snakes had tendons
That Brunette woman surrounded by douche bags behind him was the only Raptors fan with a brain, she actually showed some concern.
Kingdom Cre8tive
The same people crying about the fans cheering are the same people who drive by a homeless person asking for food. Hypocrites unreal. This guy is a billionaire. Go defend somebody else this guy is fine....RELAXXXXXXX
I think it’s rigged
Everyone seems to forget that the Warriors minority owner Mark Stevens actually assaulted Kyle Lowry. That was 1000X worse than the few fans that were cheering when KD fell down.
Parris Maul
He'll be ok I'll give him 7-8 months
It takes 3-4 months for Achilles to fully heal. It shouldn't be long he got chicken legs he'll be alright
FBG X Horsey
Doctor: did u playin game 5?

KD: Yea

Doctor: What did it cost

KD: my Achilles
Kenneth Henson
The spurs told kawhi the same exact thing the raptors did he would experience pain and discomfort but he could play so quit trying to compare the two and shame on the raptors fans clapping and being excited because Durant got hurt because they know they would’ve got sparked 4 straight if Durant was healthy classless fans!!!!!!
Vito Anderson
You could tell he was like 25% ready
That sucks, I feel for him. Hope you get better soon.
Criticized by his teammates for not playing?? KD should slap his teammates.
El Mago
It was this moment Kevin Durant turned face. Quality heel run though.
Kassie Schab
I’m a golden state warriors fan
Alexkim Francisco
I know imean all of fans hate kd cuz he's snke but respect to KD.
Chloe Sullivan
I mean I get that they don’t like them but come on that’s crossing the line
Brandon Colis
Cassel. Brady. Durant. Irvin. I watched videos on these injuries, and I do not think they are as bad as people make them out to be. Has it ever occurred to anyone that all these fans were cheering at these games for other reasons? Perhaps these players were booed, jeered, whatever, but as rough as sport fans can be and they can be quite rough, I cannot even see the roughest of sport fans cheer an injury.
Kobe retired after his Achilles went. They should have let him rest.
Hopefully his career not over. Man he gonna be out for a long time. Looked like his bone poped out sign of Achilles torn. This what happened when you don’t have a deep bench you have your starters playing so much their body is tired towards In of the year.
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NBA "Teammates NOT Helping Each Other" GOTTA SEE IT: Kevin Durant Helped 2 days ago   04:53


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