Louise Cresswell - Area Director Timelapse of the breach at Greatham South 4 months ago   01:17

Recruiting Area Directors - what are the roles and what is the culture like at EA?

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Timelapse of the breach at Greatham South Louise Cresswell - Area Director 4 months ago   00:48

The Environment Agency has completed a vital new Teesside flood scheme which benefits local residents and businesses and provides a significant boost to local wildlife.

Costing almost £16million, the Port Clarence and Greatham South project has increased flood protection to Port Clarence residents from the River Tees and Greatham Creek while also creating new habitat the size of over 90 football pitches for local wildlife.

The Environment Agency has worked closely with local businesses SABIC and INOVYN as well as partners at Natural England and RSPB to complete the project.

Here shows a timelapse video of the breach in the old flood defences, to create a vital new area of habitat to allow wildlife to thrive.