AMAZING RC DRIFT CAR RACE MODELS MEGA RC Drift Car Action! Awesome 3 months ago   03:17

***A really great fun! Awesome RC cars in drift action!! Enjoy watching***

RC Scale Cars
Scale: 1:10
© Thomas Petschel, RC RC RC!!!
Model Fair Stuttgart 2016, Modellbau Messe Stuttgart, RC Audi R8, RC Nissan, RC Toyota, RC Audi, Fast and the furious style, Fast and the furious rc cars, devilsdriftcrew, Devils drift crew, RC Mazda

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One of them looks like the DeLorean..
Sava Stoilov
bro where can i buyn those
pasar lama
Pro semua
Chase McDonell
What scale
Omega Reaper Sans
Dejavu I’ve just been in this place before
Rhevir Visitacion
Carmen Vargas Ramirez
DK. BluFlames
Me at some corners watching these rc cars: Epic Eurobeat starts

"Doesn't he know this road? After this slow right there would be a sharp left!"

"I knew it! He's too fast there's no more room for slowing down!"

"Wh - What the Hell? Inertia Drift?!"

Epic Eurobeat theme ends
agryhunte22 geral
some make
V V very good
amanda vidia putri123
kurang banter drifnya
amanda vidia putri123
kurang banter drifnya
กลุ่ม mr.G mr.L และ mr.M
Reda El houssini
Quiet Is Violent
De Javu approves
Irwan Syah
rc drift saya memang suka 🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🚘🚘🚘🚘
Irwan Syah
bolehkah kita berteman
Irwan Syah
RC RC RC memang magus dan menawan
Marius Fieraru
i wish i have those cars
Elsy Cardona
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MEGA RC Drift Car Action! Awesome AMAZING RC DRIFT CAR RACE MODELS 3 months ago   06:19

Awesome RC drift car Action at the Modell Leben RC and toy fair in Erfurt, Germany. Thanks to the guys of Enjoy watching!
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