FULL Nintendo Direct E3 2019 Xbox Project Scarlett Console 1 day ago   43:19

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Tune in for the biggest reveals, trailers, gameplay and more from Nintendo's E3 2019 press conference.

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buggub buggub
I was so fucking pumped at the very beginning with a link fight scene i thought we were getting a new zelda game or something that wasnt anounced and then there was a smash intro thing and i got pissed
I Gha
I still can't imagine paying $300 for a system with last gens graphics. With same Mario games and when sales are low just release a new Zelda SMH
Not as good as the Devolver Direct.
Poor Bowser, someone should let him have his own Bowser Direct. And Super Bowser Bros starring Bowser’s blue twin brother from Super Mario Bros.: the lost levels
The ultimate Dragonfly
Zelda two
Mia O
Moved into my new apartment. Switch>T.V.
lapis wolf3
Is no one really gonna point put that: *SPYRO IS COMING TO THE SWITCH!!!!*
betzabeth oyola rivera
Quisiera que saliera el juego de zelda breath of the wild 2 la secuela en otoño de este año please Nintendo
betzabeth oyola rivera
Por favor nintendo pueden sacar a zelda breath of the wild 2 la secuela lo antes posible please ya no aguanto las ganas de tener ese juego ya en mis manos y jugarlo completo
Can we have an old ace combat please?
Berry Nice
Timestamps woulda been cool
4:30 is just too cute
Timor Khanagov
Now we know how Doug got his job. Damned nepotism.
James Mata
Woah lots of great looking stuff. But no ridge racer 8? 😟
The Hero’s just Link and Zelda in one a waste of a slog if you ask me.
Alexander Sixtyfour
sempre più imbarazzanti mamma mia
paul Cake
i wish that Zack from FinalFantasy Crisis Core becomes one of the DLC characters for smash bros ultimate
betzabeth oyola rivera
Por favor Nintendo no se tarden mucho en sacar Zelda breath of the wild 2 ya quisiera tener ya ese juego
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Xbox Project Scarlett Console FULL Nintendo Direct E3 2019 1 day ago   06:16

Xbox boss Phil Spencer took the stage to introduce the next Xbox console, Project Scarlett.

E3 2019 Top Trailers: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3XHDjc5r-dZidWu9KyaXBcw3e4hQrrZM