Repossessing Jermaine Dupri's Lamborghini 2 weeks ago   10:46

When Ed (@edbolian) was selling cars, not all of their inventory came from cars they would buy, sometimes they got repos from exotic car banks. Some of them came from some high profile clients.

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victor rhea
Rappers learned this schemes from new York's Donald Trump. Bush changed the bankruptcy laws when the minorities learned the game. Borrowing is north americas premeditated theft scheme. 23 trillion in debt? You blame rappers? Like the movie " dick and Jane" pump, dump and blame the brown man. Emmitt till was killed because of these lies and manipulations. This complex deception appears quite hereditary. Peace let's all repent.
Laryan Ryan
If you have to finance an exotic car you can't afford it and don't plan on making the payments.
Michael Ledford
Typical hood rat smashes expensive items they can't pay for so think it appropriate " if I can't have it nobody can " BS .
Tell them to download Uber.
I like how he mentions *1* and all the suspect comments come out.
Geno Bourn
I thought that he had money! Why didn't he pay cash for it?
Thatchef Trent
What the hell is this guy talking about? Stfu!!! This f****** story has nothing to do with Jermaine Dupri
PrimeTime Pugilistics
Janet Jackson somewhere rubbing her hands together like birdman.
Lol 150 lbs a wheel? Pimpin ain't easy. What a tool. Who buys a car like that and puts little dick man wheels on it? What a moron.
Bobby Bostic
I can’t find where this dude ends a sentence in this entire clip......
Alberto L
Migos up next..
Alberto L
You know JD is broke when he still trying to manage J Kwon concerts.
Everybody getting tipsy.. except him.
Ryan Smith
You sure are long winded. I thought this was about Jermaine dupri's repossession? Click bait!!
Cerise Jones
I am so glad i drive a heap of shit lol. Nothing worse than owing on a new car.
Do bow wow next
nick mendoza
in love with Ed, no homo
Ernie Blanco
Worst most boring piece of shit video on youtube
Ernie Blanco
Shut the fucck up and get to the point
Dan C
A paid off corolla is worth more than an unpaid Lamborghini, the Corolla will still be there tommorow. The Lamborghini will be taken while you sleep.
Sam Don
This is why I rather get a dealers lic and get them for half off used. Let someone else take the hit of the new and still get a good car for the low!
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Repossessing Jermaine Dupri's Lamborghini 2 weeks ago   11:01