Repossessing Jermaine Dupri's Lamborghini 5 months ago   10:46

When Ed (@edbolian) was selling cars, not all of their inventory came from cars they would buy, sometimes they got repos from exotic car banks. Some of them came from some high profile clients.

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Moto Scro
If you can’t pay cash you can’t afford it.
Elliot Rodger
New clutch every 800-900 miles? Fukking lol

You know what that means, there's gonna be a scandal
The Micro-Cultivator
rob spaghetti said otherwise.... Rob is the reference. Hahahah!!!
Uber Baller Wheels. Got it.
Tacky Lambos (which is basically every Lambo ever made not named Miura) and irresponsible rappers. A match made in heaven.
Going through a clutch every 800 miles? Sounds like someone can’t drive, not a tire issue
RODley Pumpkins
This guys is super interesting. It’s almost exhausting listening to all the words he uses so quickly. Like I’m no dumb ass I understand what he is saying I can see tho how people would buy exotics from him. I think he is funny too. However I’m not cool with the way he used financing. I fucking hate when people pronounce it that way.
dylan scronce
You can take tha nigga out tha hood...but ya cant take tha nigga out tha nigga
Malte Laurids Brigge
Unbelievable how many words are used here to tell the most boring story possible. The words to boredom ratio is astounding.
The extensive catalogue of 19-25 year olds on YT showing off their exotic cars confirm that we will, at some point sooner or later, be heading back into busy times for Repo Men.
Bobby William
Fuck car payments pay that shit in full or start walking
Kevin Ryan
The Ed Bolian drinking game:

Every time he references a stolen Lambo - drink
Every time he sneaks in an ad for ViWiki - drink
Every time he talks about his exotic car rental business - drink
Lol I remember that independent shop was chix performance
No racism, but the way black people treat these cars is absolutely ridiculous.
Andy Dufresne
Nothing says class like custom wheels.
Ryan Bertoldi
Today's insurance? lol
Derek Johansen or something
I met a old former repo man from the Philly area (he did repo a few decades ago)...told me he carried a gun and was shot at a lot...fuck that shit!
Austin K
I worked for Vik at his Audi/Vw dealership doing sales. He had a ridiculous personal collection of cars including a MB CLK-GTR F1 V12. There was a guy who worked for him and all he did was drive Vik's personal supercars around all day to keep them running. Luckiest dude to work for Vik EVER!
wreck'em tech
*BANKS* lol
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Repossessing Jermaine Dupri's Lamborghini 5 months ago   11:01