Michael Scheuer: Israel Is A Cancer CNN: Scheuer 'Osama bin Laden 1 day ago   10:17

Air Date: September 27th, 2014

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Fabian Jolivet
This guy is (obviously) right about the endless foreign policy mistakes made by the USA - decades of interventions, manipulations, criminal endeavors, from Mexico to Vietnam, Nicaragua to Irak... it's clear that Israel is the US cancer - no doubt, they are the only ones that have benefitted from the Muslim terrorist nightmare... for many decades, costing already 3 TRILLION dollars of tax payers money. Sadly, since this guy supports Donald Trump, he is ALSO a walking contradiction. This administration, via Jared Kushner & company of Judeo-Evangelist nutters, NeoCons of the worst kind, are doing the complete OPPOSITE of what Mr. Scheuer is promoting the US leaders should do... what part don't you people see? Look at THE FACTS: Trump & his useless gang are NOT re-building any US infrastructure, not spending any money in education here at home - in fact, The White House is worse that it has ever been... it's like a Jerry Springer TV Circus Show now!!! The President is just a cheap con-man, a failure of a businessman (known for his long trail of many bankruptcies)... always on Twiter... he is the only one profiting from this madness. Those around him are nothing but Zionist agents, staunch supporters of Israel & Saudia Arabia. They are confronting Iran, continue giving a blank cheque to Israel. Allowing construction of illegal settlements in Palestinian territories (angering the entire Muslim world in the process)... they just handed Jerusalem on a plate to Netanyahu - Trumps & Kushner's family (crooked convicted criminals all of them) best buddy.
Charles Hua
Why does Israel have such a hold on US?
Timor Cohen
LMAO muslims fight each other since before the US even exist. Looking at the comments 99% of you are not even americans
Timor Cohen
Ummm honey maybe your country should stop creating wars since day 1 and than less people would hate you
Rocket Hutchins
Incredibly smart man.
Osama honey dicked Amerikkka and Prussia
This interviewer is a moron.
Winston Dawe
the best thing to happen to the usa is mr trump,,,long live israel,,,,,,,the lord will return soon,,
SovereignRight Beautiful
Is Michael scheuer Jewish? He is intelligent like a Jew and he has a Jewish name. I've seen other self hating Jews like Benjamin Freeman who by the way we're great Americans like Michael scheuer. By the way Benjamin Freedman gave one of the greatest speeches ever at the Willard Hotel in 1961
SovereignRight Beautiful
Israel has to be dismantled and the world banks must collapse by multi-nations cancelling their debts. Sorry I love Jews but they are the epitome of white supremacy and are the greatest Danger on the planet. They have a million times more power than they should. The WASP puppets are nothing but puppets to the Jewish Puppet Master and both exhibit white supremacy that is a danger to world peace and progress.
James Ginn
Israel is a fascist and racist state run by Zionist elites. There is a good reason why it does not have a constitution like the great democracies.
8:36 "We need to separate ourselves from Israel. It is an enormous drag on American, it's a cancer on American foreign policy." - Michael Scheuer
4:35 "There's not an honest man on Capitol Hill, as far as I know, in terms of this, since Ron Paul left." - Michael Scheuer
Gloria Kadar
totally agree usa is israel puppet.
Simon Bargiora
ISIS= Israeli State of Iraq and Syria

If you think I am joking I'm not. Zionist actually do believe they have a legitimate right to Syria and Iraq to the Euphrates. They don't deny it. And they do deny it. They are fos
Jim Shea
it is sickening to hear people continually refer to Israel as a democracy; this is a lie. Israel is a racist, apartheid, terrorist state, and a haven for international criminals. I'm sure the Jews like to see Christian and Muslims slaughter each other, and Americans are so duped and brainwashed they cannot see this blatantly obvious fact.
Sheuer for president 2024
Mein Sohn
Daesh is a CIA-ZIO Cartoon construct.
blaze 2017
Mike is 100 percent right it's bullshit fight your own wars and Saudi Arabia they buy our all to will ing senators Congress and President.
I love how Michael Scheuer expresses dislike of being allied with the Saudis and Qatar and the host is like "meh who cares", but when he mentions cutting ties with Israel the host has a total melt down. It's almost as though there's an agenda, but I'm sure it's just a (((coincidence))).
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CNN: Scheuer 'Osama bin Laden Michael Scheuer: Israel Is A Cancer 1 day ago   02:30

Michael Scheuer, former head of the CIA's Osama bin Laden unit, says al Qeada is much bigger than it was on 9/11.