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In the field with Professor Simon Haslett at the confluence of the River Gombak (Sungai Gombak) and River Batu (Sungai Batu) examining the environmental issues related to such tropical urban rivers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur is a large city in the tropics near the equator in South East Asia. It receives high amounts of precipitation (rainfall) that can lead to flash flooding within the city, which river engineering schemes attempt to minimise. Pollution of the rivers is also a problem with debris from the dumping of rubbish into the rivers and discharge of sewage and surface waters directly in to the river. Pollution can lead to eutrophication and the city planning authorities have used various schemes to oxygenate the river water, such as the building of cascades to help mix oxygen into the water.

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Cactus Y
Can anyone tell me where is the exact location of this video?
Atok vlog TV
Many times we see ugly sights of the Gombak and Klang River with rubbish debris.
Kay Zaman
Thank you Prof, good info, people in the city would to hace a river which is clean but the problem of here is people don't care weather our rives are clean or not
pokewak betul
Teringin nk berak kat sungai ni..nk tgk taik aku terpung
warak anda
Semoga kerajaan PH mengambil berat utk membaikkan lagi saluran sungai di KL dgn sistem yg boleh membersihkan air sungai dari ulu sungai dan membasmikan perbuatan2 membuang sampah kedlm sungai.
warak anda
Tq Prof.. you're awesome...
robb watt
Yea direct waste dumping problem.the river has engineered well.and In school back then i had been tought to not dump the rubish in the river.
Syaf Alan
Now 2018. Would you come again Prof.
Imam Buchory ABDULLAH Ibnu Muhammad Al Matrud
Kualalumpur more and many Garbage.... Fact ?? See in youtube *Sampah di kualalumpur*
Scooter Tours Malaysia
The Klang river does not discharge into an ocean (1:15). It discharges into the Straits of Malacca. Please do not use words so loosely.
ho so
some goof info but vid is too long... compress the points, make it more concise. Aint no people got time for 10 minutes
Carnage Kabuto
That was an insightful video Professor. Thank you for your explanation about the Gombak river in Kuala Lumpur. I hope that you had the interest to write a more detailed article on this subject.

As you may or may not have known, the Malaysian govt embarked on a new 'River of Life' project just recently to revive the Klang river and it's tributary Gombak river so that they could become waterfront areas with economic and commercial value.

I'd be interested to know your thoughts on this project.
Kidek Kidek
U really bonker, simon
Muhamad Azreen
quite dissapointed with the authority in malaysia which they treat the klang river more like a drain....
Yenzikov Al Yapmeowski
Is sad .. very little had been done by the Authority. Klang and Gombak is dead.
ATC Dhaka
Thank you Professor Simon Haslett for this informative video. I have studied both the rivers and I also found that the authority should maintain the sedimentation problem. But the govt. have really done a great job. It is a nice example for other urban river management authorities all over the world.
Very interesting video, Prof Haslett. Thank you for sharing.
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In the next 5 years, a dozen of new skyscrapers will be built in Kuala Lumpur: adding to its expansive skyline.

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