I have the WORST job on Roblox! WASTING ALL OF OUR MONEY IN ROBLOX SHOPPING 1 day ago   18:08

This is the funniest game we ever played on Roblox!
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Snicker LocoMaster
Omg my bday was 11 april! And this was when i truned 9!!
Charlie Baker
I love to SHAKE mah food
Lauren Story
im eating while watching this!
Edward Chong
funneh i was laughful so hard you said like this
the other player:exusere me my lady
then you say
funneh:i am a boy
like it if its funny haha
Zoya essam
Itsfunnehs real name is funa
And doracs real name is allen and golds real name is kim lunars real name is wenuny and rainbows real name is betty they are the best youtubers every
I love them all of them thank you for being the best youtubers love comes
From inside i love you
Zoya essam
Itsfunnehs real name is funa
Little miss Cutie
Draco:im gonna buy sugar

Me: and you will be sweeter

Like if you agree🙂😉😁
nee phan
U should have zero!!!ZERO DISLIKES!!!
nee phan
I just don’t get why you have dislikes!!!
Fatma Hatab
Funneh my cousin played this game oh and pls give meh a shout out
claire owen
Funneh: why are we here............. just to suffer?!?!
Draco: no we’re here TO EEEAAAATTTT
Me: me tonima hungry
aldine maritza
Aidan Reder
What game is that I want to play it but I don’t no what it is called
Bitty Kitty Cupcake
Oh no koolaid!!!!!!why does he haunt me we’re ever I go I see it hear it or not why?!why!?ok good luck guys...
ShopKidz Esposito
I want to fart in the game but idk how ;-;
Argel Pamintuan
what game ia that?
steve hostetter
funneh why are we here when you are suffering
dindeelazy YT
sad funneh 3:06
Shut up
Simon Gani
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WASTING ALL OF OUR MONEY IN ROBLOX SHOPPING I have the WORST job on Roblox! 1 day ago   21:29

We go on a shopping spree in the Roblox Mall!
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