One Month Baby Update! AN AMAZING KITTEN SURPRISE! 2 months ago   14:26

Colleen Ballinger
I can't believe Flynn is already one month old!

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Narnia Lives
It's so cool that Flynn has blue eyes, with a parent with brown eyes, it's only a 1/4 chance. So... Yee. It's cool.
Bella Teresa
Of course you showed a clip of him crying during tummy time 😂
Katie Count
Your awesome
Sameera Jahan
God bless your cut baby boy Masham allah
Sounds like an angel and definitely looks like one too. xx
Caitlin IH

stop hacking 22
All of this is my sister's baby Asher Floyd Does All Of These But We Do Not Put Him On The Floor Because We Have A Lot Of Dog's So We Can Not Put Him On The Floor And When You Told Us That He Was Going To Be Born January 1st And Asher Was Going To Be Born On January 1st
Ayanna Ishee
Wow mom is this you? I was so cute
Julie Massaroni
I was the same with tummy time.
wolfie chan 101
Flynn in age 20: Wow my mom loved my farts 😂
Mads & Kai
5:44 "Oh god I really need sleep"
My mood
Kay Gregory
You should start putting Flynn in front of the camera 🎥 if he is that cute
Stef H
You are adorable! What a lovely family
Colin Hume
He's Now 3 Months WTF??
Your baby is literally the most perfect being
Raquella Cacianti
OMG Flynn is 3 months older than my nephew I’m so happy also my nephews name is Quinn💖😁
Sable Schmaltz
I just wanted to tell you to look into white noise because sometimes it can cause babies to go deaf but just be carful 😁❤️
Ava Mudano
He has the same birthday as my dog
Francesca Devito DeVito
Bruklynn Hodges
He is soooooooo cute
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AN AMAZING KITTEN SURPRISE! One Month Baby Update! 2 months ago   04:46

I can't believe my mom did this!!! We have been joking around about getting kittens for the past week and she actually went out and GOT ONE! I am completely blown away! My mother is incredible. I'm so excited to have this new little bundle of joy in my life. What should I name him???

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