One Month Baby Update! AN AMAZING KITTEN SURPRISE! 2 weeks ago   14:26

Colleen Ballinger
I can't believe Flynn is already one month old!

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Jamie Hill
My son was born a month ago also. I feel you on everything. We watch your videos together all the time.
shruti sharma
I dont want to be rude but you are hella obsessed with your baby, i mean its ok but can we please talk about something else😑😑😑😑
Its always flynn flynn flynn.....uuuuh im so done with it.(JUST STOP)
Hazel Paterson
You wont be calling him cute when he starts t have temper tantrums
Pink Lemonade
THIS IS HELPFUL AND CUTE! You should do monthly updates on what you keep learning about him and of parenthood because i wanna be a mom someday but im just really concerned that im not prepared for EVERYTHING-everything and knowing all these things like tummy time, or the "smiling/figuring out his face" thing, pee in the mouth thing lol PLEASE RECORD MORE!💜💜💜💜
Kenzie Reeve
i want footage of his grunting so much bc i have cryed with laughter both times u have imitated it and ohmygod i just need to see that
Carmens Blogs
he was born on my birthday what the heckkk mind blowen xx
Danny Platt
Can you start playing Roblox? Its a really fun game Its full of Different Games My Favorite is Royale High Its like A Princess,Queen game you can buy skirt and wings with diamonds and if your higher then level 5 you can spin a wheel to win accsesory's or Diamonds
Edit: Or death xD Lol
Danny Platt
Wow Great Im 13 Days Late xD
bunnylover1098 Ashley
Omg your baby grew so fast :c
Aaliyah Ali
Sad all my baby pictures and videos were burnt in my house fire
Khiara Charm Aquino
Omg I thought we were the only one that did tummy time sksksk with my lol sister skks
Aarielle Griffin
Colleen has a black and white Shirt on ❤️
Aarielle Griffin
Flynn did the same thing I did when I was a baby, my parents would always see my hands no matter what. When I’m sleeping and the blanket was a round me there goes my hands near my face again. I was very obsessed with my fingers growing up.
Hermione Granger
How was it a month ago? Omg
Elibobelly Sandoval
He’s so handsome 😍
Tyler Thompson
Miranda looks so different👀.
How, are you really Miranda Sings!!!
all babies like black and white things! babies dont care about colors, they care about contrast. so you're spot on with that one, mama!
E Denny
When do you post
ŠhadowPawš boi
OML u are so much like my sister when she had her baby that's frickin adorable... And ur baby is so much like my sisters, baby my sisters lil fat baby girl rolled over super early too❤❤
That smile he made was so FREAKING CUTE my heart melted ☺😘❤
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AN AMAZING KITTEN SURPRISE! One Month Baby Update! 2 weeks ago   04:46

I can't believe my mom did this!!! We have been joking around about getting kittens for the past week and she actually went out and GOT ONE! I am completely blown away! My mother is incredible. I'm so excited to have this new little bundle of joy in my life. What should I name him???

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