One Month Baby Update! AN AMAZING KITTEN SURPRISE! 5 months ago   14:26

Colleen Ballinger
I can't believe Flynn is already one month old!

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Lauren Hedayati
"im chill"
Lauren Hedayati
i thought this was so cute, how would it embarrass flynn?

and then colleen talked about rolling out his farts..
I can’t imagine my life without him!”
Me: girl 10 months ago he didn’t exist! (I’m happy he exists)
XxxQueen_ AngelXxx
Who else just watched 6 month update?
Tuna Aydın
I cant imagine the face when Flynn and his friends in the future will make when they see Colleen’s death in ETN
“His face figuring out how to be a face” dead 😂
Laura Gaming797
It would mean anything like if i wax happy or sad or mad I would do it
Laura Gaming797
I would do the pig noise
Mia Erin
Is that even flynn?🥰He’s so grown up now( he’s 6months hehe). His hair has gone blonde I can’t believe he’s grown so much in 5 MONTHS???🥰💓
Chanelle Jones
I love you Colleen! You're the best I am invested in you as an artist so therefore I am invested in celebrating with you the fact that you got pregnant you had a baby and he's healthy and doing well. Although I do not have small children my only child is now 35. I enjoy these videos where you update your friend on what's going on with your son as he ages it took great as a fan to see something that makes you so happy grow and develop so keep doing these videos we love them
Jane’s Corner
Who else is here after her 6 month update?
Lainey Rowland
Who else is from the 6 month old update
Elyse Colombo
you jinxed it that he rolled over!! god damnit colleen!! 😭😭 love you so much!!
Teresa Bowden
Colleen Flynn is such a handsome little boy. He is really growing up so fast. You are such a great mom.
Sankar Kamalini
Can you take a picture of the kissy face
It’s only 6 months on since his birth and it’s already crazy to look back on these videos ❤️
Camilla Ýr Ásgeirsdóttir
Who just came from the 6 month old update❤️❤️❤️
Salome's Toys chanell
He’s 6 months know !!
Nimsi Donut
he’s 6 months old AHHH!!
Dakitten Gacha34
“He’s a good burper” it’s cause your Miranda and you burp alot😹😹😹😹
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AN AMAZING KITTEN SURPRISE! One Month Baby Update! 5 months ago   04:46

I can't believe my mom did this!!! We have been joking around about getting kittens for the past week and she actually went out and GOT ONE! I am completely blown away! My mother is incredible. I'm so excited to have this new little bundle of joy in my life. What should I name him???

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