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Some 900 million tourists travel the world every year, and the tourism boom goes hand-in-hand with rapidly rising CO2 emissions. Thailand, one of the world's most popular holiday destinations, is home to an island that's pioneering sustainable tourism: Kho Khao, which was devastated by the 2004 tsunami. The new hotel complexes that have been built in recent years are energy-efficient and designed to reduce the island's carbon emissions by 20 percent. Resorts in neighboring Khao Lak are following suit.

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ecotourism is not the kind of tourism that is simply wasting money or glamor tourism, but a kind of tourism that can increase knowledge, broaden the horizons, or learn something from nature, flora and fauna, or local ethnic social-culture.

In ecotourism there are four elements that are considered very important, namely the pro-active element, concern for the preservation of the environment, the involvement of local residents, the element of education. Tourists who come not only to enjoy the natural surroundings but also learn it as an increase in knowledge or experience.interested in eco tourism?Java Private Tour Guide is the right choice for all eco tourism answers

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Roberto Ivan Perez Luna
keep up the good promotion, but thats not ecotourism, its the anticoncept of mecotourism.
Nicki LovesDogs
Why don't or didn't they do this (solar panels, wind generators, insulation, heat recycling) everywhere from the beginning? We need a radical transformation in the way things are done.
สุวรรณภูมิ ชูวงศ์
thank you so much for renewable energy projects.

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