People with AirPods Checking out of a Hotel 5 months ago   01:09

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Miguel GONzalez
What Kinda broke ass person has a payment plan on AirPods lmao
Akseli Halonen
CM Tuck
No music?? 😭😭
Mr this
Tide pods have always been the best. Obviously
Brandon Harrison
I’m watching this with AirPods
Andrew Ace
$300 ear plugs. What an amazing investment...
B Roy
airpods aren’t as expensive and other headphones
Brent Heil
How come Griffy and his side kick always look the same in all the videos
Hazar Younis
This scene ended up on the cutting room floor of “Inception”
Soutou Excite
Judging by the Airpods design and features, I’ve seen enough Doctor Who to know where that shit goes
Black Amigo
I be like that for real
Wincel Collins
This is how niggas be like when they buy AirPods
Benjamin Qualters
When the creator realizes his audience is complete idiots and likes repeated stuff
Apple products are just overpriced dollar store products
AleX d4m
These kind of niggas think they compare with rappers that wear 100k in chains lmao
Julian Roman
This is why AirPods is just a waste of money ☹️
i dont get it

you pay more to remove the wire?
Everything STEM and Gaming Trainer
Soooo Apple should raise the price of their next AirPods....ok that could work
Idk how y'all can flex those nasty looking ear buds 😂😂
No one ever thought air pods make you wealthy.

They’re $200
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Checking out of a Hotel People with AirPods 5 months ago   01:13

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