People with AirPods Checking out of a Hotel 2 months ago   01:09

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Beast 22
Angel KO
Keep that same energy
Aleph Null
I love this occasional fourth-wall-break.
itsyouboi benrich!
He is right
Who tf watching with airpods
*New research shows that AirPod give cancer, so..*
_I don’t speak cancer_
You still a broke ass nigga
Emily Elizabeth
[puts on Beats Solo3]
*_Why the fuck you braggin about AirPods when I have these_*
Paris Ellis
Lol i didn’t get a payment plan option when I got mines 🧐🤨
People with airpods can't afford the wire
Blaze Tran-Ulibarri
My man out here bought airpods just for this video
i cried
Felicia Brown
0:14-0:15 His smile 😂
Knight Glint
Bluetooth headphones are better.
But I got jahpods
Dio Brando
Griffy just went meta on us 😂
James Wang
And now AirPods brings cancer....yikes...I guess the tables have finally turned
Pk Uptaunt
People with AirPods flexing but those people with the wireless plastic neck pillow looking thing spend like 160 on them
SNG Maysondae
I’m watching with AirPods rn 😂
Lmaø Jxsh
*watching this with AirPods.*
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Checking out of a Hotel People with AirPods 2 months ago   01:13

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