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In the field with Simon Haslett, Professor of Physical Geography at the University of Wales with Professor Jon Nott of James Cook University. Evaluating the formation of beach ridges along the Queensland and whether they are developed through aeolian (wind) processes or emplaced during cyclone events by storm waves.
Topics: beach ridges, sediment delivery, Holocene, rainfall, aeolian processes, cyclones/hurricanes, cross-bedding, overwashing.

Further reading: S. K. Haslett (2016) Coastal Systems, 3rd Edition. University of Wales Press, Cardiff, 230pp. Available from :

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This animated Powerpoint offers background to accompany our in-class Geography 101 discussion of several key concepts from Ch. 13, "Oceans, Coastal Processes, and Landforms." In contrast to the last couple weeks' discussions on tectonic forces/diastrophism, the focus here is on erosion/gradational forces.