Who Knows Kris Bryant Better: Bobby Dickerson instructs Renato 2 days ago   08:28

Chicago Cubs
What is Kris Bryant's favorite food? Who was KB's childhood crush? Does KB prefer scary movies or romantic comedies?

Kris Bryant challenges his wife, Jessica Bryant, and his friend and teammate, Anthony Rizzo, to three rounds of questions to see who knows him better in this episode of Bae vs. Ballplayer, presented by Garrett Popcorn.

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Anthony Rosa
Andrew Bloom
"you think baseball players are smart??" says the guy who graduated high school early with a 4.9 GPA...
erick smith
Both of the holidays are of the devil...... Christmas has gone so far away from Christ.... it has become a pagans dream day
Bob Mayo
That was strangely enjoyable.
Mike K
Rizz0fer loves the camera
Annalise mitchell
I have the same birthday as kris Bryant
Omar Q
Haha I loved this!
HaXs Gaming
Khris. What is Khris Bryant’s Biggets fear
Me. Aroldis Chapman
The girl needs to run a few laps..
Tyce Alumbaugh
I was going to say was that his favorite Holliday was not Matt Holliday
I’m a Sox found but i found this vid very entertaining (plz don’t @ me because i do respect rizzo and Bryant as players)
Matthew Galloway
Stl. Is a better city change my mind 😂
Elizabeth D
That was disgustingly adorable. Bryzzo forever
Quinn Bartlett
And the cardinals are better
Quinn Bartlett
St. Louis is better
Me when he asks what he is scared of: LOSING TO THOSE CARDINALS AND MARLINS-
Vincent Vallario
Anthony: gets 7 right

*cut scene*

Kris: ok anthony got 6 right
January 4, 1992. Wow that’s creepy 😂💀😂💀😂💀😂
Andrew Lockey
He got 7 right
chad phelps
Steak is my favorite food too! I'm not a Cubs fan tho, i'm a Cardinals fan:) yeah, i dunno why i"m watching this video if i'm a Cardinals fan
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Bobby Dickerson instructs Renato Who Knows Kris Bryant Better: 2 days ago   03:46

Bobby Dickerson instructs Renato Núñez on how to tag properly at third base. More: http://www.masn.me/orioles