Alexandria Egypt 2018 I am NEVER Citytour Alexandria,جوله حول مدينه 1 day ago   16:44

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Recklessbliss Characternotcolor
7 years traveling over 100 countries, and Egyptians are demon possessed, absolutely the worse people I ever encountered, anywhere on the planet. THe gov cracked down because of so many complaints, but it did not help.
christine azmi
Yup very nice
christine azmi
U said welcome
christine azmi
Watching Alexandria on Nat Geo right now
christine azmi
christine azmi
Yea yea I know it's just that I don't do mornings and I have a helper that rolls me out of be every morning. Really need to take care of that spare key thing. Lol
christine azmi
Well I don't live in the city
christine azmi
Happy to hear that u appreciate ur life. We both know how people in other countries live.
Stranger In the wilds
Go to dahab, less human and more natural
christine azmi
But I know lots of people in the states retire to a foreign country bcos ur money stretches further and many other benefits
christine azmi
U r funny lol😄 but Canada is good expensive but good
christine azmi
May I ask why?
christine azmi
U know I was never afraid but people kept telling me I should be but I could never comprehend this bcos my country is safe I NEVER look my door
christine azmi
Turkey. ?
christine azmi
Well I'm retired and very happy right here having said that- I still have great interest in traveling just not at this time he'll I already live in a vacation spot lol people visit here from all over the world
christine azmi
So u agree? Well then I made the right decision to just go back home
christine azmi
Everyone always tried very hard to understand me and I them. We got it tho
christine azmi
I am that lol. But all I ever kept hearing was that (it's not safe for me alone) lol I'll tell u I think I would have been a loot safer than being in my own house. Lol
christine azmi
Oh no don't be so negative! I know I could retire there but I do not speak Arabic well enough to get on by myself. As a matter of fact that was my original plan lol
christine azmi
Ohh without a doubt! I found that out very quickly living in Cairo!
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Citytour Alexandria,جوله حول مدينه Alexandria Egypt 2018 I am NEVER 1 day ago   04:01

Amazing citytour in the VIP Bus in Alexandria

Stadt / City: Alexandria
Land / Country : Ägypten / Egypt

Instagram : underwateramira