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Ben Bressler
This is very ignorant and can apply to any poor country, I have been to 30 countries and it's the same shit. I have also been to Egypt too, that's nothing go to India or Morocco!
There is one thing on the easten countries , toyota and mitsubishi vehicle everywhere hehe :-)
Abdul Rahman Abdul Ghani
Thanks for the infos.I like to go there and see for myself about Alexandria.
Ayman Barghash
Poverty, shortage of money and inflation are the affecting majors of defection in people’s behavior.
Never put all blame Alexandrians, because regimes governed the city and dogged pillars of cement are the real responsible ones in raising impolite reaction of citizens.
I sympathy the city and people.
So sad.
Reminds me of my year in delhi india....
George Argyrou Argyrou
Hy my dera freind --I am one of you --I born i Alex;andria --and I use to visit my beloved country every year --but now and 8 years ago
Liane Van Der Star
Unfortunately I agree with much that you are saying, this is not just for Alexandria but in Egypt overall? Luckily I am married to an Egyptian and he is like my "guardian" when I am in Egypt, and I will not get scammed. But doing any paperwork there is most frustrating, for him too, absolutely crazy what I experienced there... Thank you for the video.
Kamarda onyx
I’ve been there six times in Alexandria and it is a trap. Shithole. Egypt was maybe once great. It turned into shithole and since Im traveling across muslim world for almost 45 yrs (Im 62) I could say, vast majority of muslim countries turned into shithole. Or turning even more.
Malik Amadou
Brother Shihab, you've just described America to a tee. 😂😂😂
Bill Gaydon
I spent a single day (from Cairo) in march `18, solo 57yr old yank. I am glade I went, very much enjoyed the sights and the city. All of what you said is true, folks were a bit edgier than Cairo. Cabbies certainly tried to do me heading into town from the rail station, thankfully I was no longer a rookie. I recommend a day or 2 to any traveler to Egypt, It is well worth it. That said, I doubt I will return to Alex on my next trip
kamran afridi
Sir do you have information about the Techlink software house there in Alexandria if you have please share me first and the second think they hire me for the 6-month internship what I can do you suggest me they will pay me SALARY
4000 EGP per month and plus accommodation as well i am confuse can you tell me what i can do
hahahhah so you are saying Muslims are rude entitled a-holes huh.
the same with Slovaks - Blaming the whole world except themselves
I don't live in Egypt but I understand why it's like this. First you get the unjust and unfair government, which makes it so people who don't act selfishly are trampled. It sets off a chain reaction: more unfairness -----> more "need" to be selfish. This is why so many people blame the government, and it is indeed what sets off the chain reaction
Stephanie Ahkenamen
Excellent commentary, there’s a saying you know, ‘’When in Rome”...I don’t understand rudeness either, it’s just not my style.
Reri smile
واذا لم تعد!!! هل سنبكي او ستنهار اسكندريه،، اذا كنت في مود القلق للسرقه لاتعود لاننا لانريدك ان تعود ،، انا لم اكمل الفيديو لانه مستفز،، نسبة الجريمه في لوس انجلوس هل تستطيع اخباري عنها، روما والمافيا،، اذا تحب شعبنا او تعاملت معه بتعالي فتاكد اننا سوف نجعلك تكره حياتك وبكل بساطه توصل بالسلامه لبلدك ونتمنى الا نراك مرة اخرى
Phnom Penh Travel Cambodia
Lived for 6 years in Alex. I really agree with what you said. I want to add more..... but I don't know where to start. Maybe it's best to forget the past and move on. Sad days gone by...... Inshallah things will change. But you can only wait... and wait.... and wait. Thanks for the memories🇪🇬
Muhammad Amer Hazwan Mohd Azhar
All what he said are true.
I lived there for 7 months in 1995. Ana min America lakn akallam kaman al logha arabiya. I was looking forward to working there in the American Center on Farana Street. I had an apartment on that same street a few blocks to the east. I had severe culture shock. I had to wash my laundry in my bathtub and hang it out to dry on the balcony and the people in the apartments upstairs would pour out their dirty mop water all over my laundry. Grocery shopping was really troublesome. There were no real supermarkets. I had to go 10 blocks to buy bread and 5 blocks in another direction to buy milk. My whole weekends consumed the chores of laundry and grocery shopping. Every 6 weeks our school had a 9 day break. And I had the chance to go to Agamy Beach in the summer. That was great. It was about an hour away by bus but it was worth it. Another thing was that I had an Egyptian work igama and I was able to travel at the Egyptian prices on the train. I traveled to Cairo a few times and I took a 3 day trip to Al Mina to see the ruins of Akhenaton's city/palace and the tombs nearby. But life in Alex was very difficult overall. The streets and the beaches in the city were full of filth. I came down with a fever and almost died so after 7 months I left and returned to a job in clean Saudi Arabia.
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Going DEEP For Street Food Alexandria Egypt 2018 I am NEVER 2 days ago   16:40

Check out for 3 months free w/ 1 year pack and 49% OFF! Today, we're GOING DEEP for a FULL-on Street Food BREAKFAST Adventure of Marrakech, Morocco! Moroccan Street Food is some of the BEST in the WORLD, and today, we're going bright and early for a TASTY breakfast tour of Downtown Marrakech, trying a ton of delicious Moroccan street food for breakfast!

In Marrakech, there is a ton of amazing street food on every street corner. We travelled to Morocco solely to eat, and chose Marrakech because we heard the food is amazing and that the people are friendly. When we arrived, we started to explore the souq alleyways near Jama El Fna square in downtown Marrakech. What you can find in the souqs will blow you away. There is so many different Moroccan street foods to try. We quickly discovered that Morocco has some of the best street food in the world. So tasty!

First up, we found a friendly Bissara soup vendor who let us film this street food vlog and was happy to serve us. The Bissara soup is a fava bean aka broadbean soup served with bread for breakfast. It was scooped out of a big pot and served by bowl to all the hungry locals. This man was definitely a character, and super friendly too. He gave all the local Moroccans a free bowl if they couldn't afford it.

Next, we went for another local street food in Morocco, the Hassowa. It was a super strong, almost spicy soup made from oregano and semolina. The man who served this street food in Marrakech had served this for 16 years in the streets of the old Medina in Marrakech.

After this, we went for more Moroccan breakfast and ordered a Msemen moroccan flatbread. It was served with a ton of butter and honey and was super oily yet crispy at the same time. The lady who cooked it was also very friendly and was making a ton of the msemen for the hungry locals!

For our next breakfast meal, we enjoyed a truly classic Moroccan breakfast street food, the Khlea. The Khlea is a moroccan omelette made with 2 or 3 eggs and a few slices of Khlea preserved beef with smen moroccan preserved butter. It was super heavy and a little salty from the butter and beef.

And for our final meal, while not quite breakfast, was a Moroccan tajine made with beef and carrots and potato and zuchinni, found right on the street!

The addresses for the street food locations found in this street food vlog are below:

1) Bissara soup vendor: Bab doukkala area of Marrakech. You can find a ton of guys around the wall in the morning selling it.

2) Hassowa soup vendor: Near the Jama El Fna square of old Marrakech. This one was just a lucky find, you gotta go deep into the alleyways to find stuff like this.

3) Msemen Moroccan flatbread. You can find this one again in the back alleyways. Right behind the olive guys at the back of the Jama El Fna square in the morning for breakfast.

4) Khlea egg omelette with preserved beef and smen butter. We found this one at a local cafe called Zeitoun Cafe AKA the olive cafe in the Medina of Marrakech.. I must admit it was a little tourist and maybe less DEEP than other places, but the omelette was nice and tasty.

5) Delicious Moroccan Tajine DEEP in the streets. This one was also near the Bab doukkala area of Marrakech. You can find a street full of restaurants selling everything from these tajines to grilled BBQ fish and more. It was amazing!

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