Say Goodbye To Fortnite *WORLD'S FASTEST* EDITOR! - Fortnite 1 day ago   10:02

Say Goodbye To Fortnite Battle Royale

Today in fortnite season 8, we talk about how fortnite might be getting shut down!

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All songs by Kevin Macleod.
Kevin MacLeod (
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Søn Avcı - Oyun
random name
I wish
Oscar Castorena
1 Like=prince Harry begins to like fortnite
Birdie Edits
Nancy Martinez
The 12 year old army will rise to fight for FORTNIE
gamingworld prankstergirl
Ok fortnite never got banned
Garrett Sampson
They need to ban it in certain places to get rid of the gay section of the fan base
Bowser Jr. Gaming
Yeahhhhhh can’t wait for Fortnite to shutdown (no offense)
foxy01271 foxy01271
Sorry to say but I don’t like fortnite
WafflySpider 942
Wow you delete my comment for saying Minecraft is more friendly than fortnite
Isa Peralta
If fortnite shuts down I’m gonna be so happy! Thank u prince harry! If it happens
Matas Angelis
Matas Angelis
Unicorn Leah
I love fortnite soooo much! They can’t get ride of it! I’m only 9 years old and a girl I love fortnite they can’t get ride of it
It’s because too many people are leaving fortnite
Jay Physics !
3:34 who else saw the Llama by the tree
John P
I want to say goodbye to fortnightIt was a really good game to me but it’s gonna be banned forever probably I hope it doesn’t is the first game I ever loved in my life
Christina P
ever night I cry myself to sleep 😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Jennifer Pharris
Because you do know there's another game that's the second popular years they used to be the first popular wrist is Roblox it was created for fortnite and there's still thousands of people playing in it well I don't know how much but there's probably like 600,000 people playing it
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*WORLD'S FASTEST* EDITOR! - Fortnite Say Goodbye To Fortnite 1 day ago   10:01

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