80's Robostrux Toy Commercial Hot Wheels® Trick Tracks Bionic 2 months ago   00:31

Gotta love the names of each Robot Dinosaur.

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Robostrux IS Zoids. It's basically the same thing from the same toy company; Tomy, just with a different name. 'Nuff said! :D
joshua pulido
jajajaja zoids ZOIDS ZOIDS ZOIDS
matt reimond arcedera
i hav that one but he's color gray and i named him godzilla
matt reimond arcedera
do u all know zoidzilla?
Yep, but Tomy marketed and distributed them under the RoboStrux name here in the US for a couple of years. Those of us who had the original Zoids knew what they were and were excited when they came back. Terox (the big blue Godzilla-looking one) still sits on my shelf.
honestly this are the ZOIDS model collection
Wait. Zoids? Cool. lol.
I'm surprised that this line never became a big success like TRansformers or Gi-Joe, maybe because of the cartoon marketing....
But, then again neither was “InHumanoids” -maybe because it was too cerebral and Dark?
It’s all about the level of marketing…
@lordchaos3819 I had a Zoidzilla too. along with loads of the... err... I suppose G1 Zoids. I gave them to my friend. He won't give it back now the ***k!
I could never understand why a toy that looks so cool didn't do too well after every re release.
@stufaman I always wondered what happened to them...so thats why I couldn't find anything about zoids..I still have zoidzilla! He's awesome!
Tiamat Michelle Hart
My father always just called them ZOIDs, so I did not know they were known as Robostrux until today (July 31, 2011, 16:30 hours). Even though I couldn't read yet, he wanted to play war games with them and gave them (and my Voltron Lions) armour statistics.

Thank you all for sharing in my weird childhood memories. Post yours and I shall read them! :)
loll the look on the kids faces!!!!!!
These were called ZOIDS over here. Different colours and names. Zoidzilla was the greatest.
Alexander Batselos
@CobraCoyote You learn something new everyday.
shhh dnt tell anyone theyre zoids
miguel soto
@SOLACEBOY dnt forget some of the best cars r from the 80s too,, lol
The 80's had the best toys.
@GavnaOfCalifornia zoids are japanese giant robot animals that are used in a war between the republic and the other guys i forgot the name !
what is robotrux it looks like zoids but WTF
That is very true. There were a simpler series released before these also, forgot the name but they were smaller than these. Zoids is a pretty old toy line still being made now. Well, overseas and no longer motorized.
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Hot Wheels® Trick Tracks Bionic 80's Robostrux Toy Commercial 2 months ago   00:31

Let the robot uprising begin! The Trick Tracks Bionic Battle features a chain reaction of movements never before seen in Hot Wheels® history. The action begins when the robot hits half of the garage and then the other with his "iron" fist -- sending cars flying everywhere! As the robot stands triumphantly, thinking he's defeated the enemy, a radar dish slowly and dramatically starts to rise. Suddenly, BAM! A Hot Wheels® car shoots at the robot and splits him in half! The robot is defeated and the Hot Wheels® car races to freedom. Includes 1 vehicle.