Crossing Chinese Border | Days Mongol Rally DVD Official Trailer 6 months ago   06:56

Tanner Roth
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Any advice on getting the local plates and licenses? Currently planning for next years rally and want to get on top of things early, thanks in advance
The Journey
Good gosh that smell must have been so terrible. I felt like I could smell it through the lens haha
Rob's Quest
China has some weird regulations. What the heck was that for a dump ?
Oh boy. Driving in China is definitely a challenge. I've lived in Shanghai for 2 years and most people I know would never dare to drive here! Mostly because the ebike drivers are crazy and the roads are so unpredictable! Haha, yes, there's lots of knockoffs here, even hotels! I laughed so hard at the kid giving you a melon and asking for a photo, that's very typical Chinese behaviors :D share food, want photos with the foreigners. Ugh that toilet looked horrendous! Thanks for sharing your experience :D
Fly Drive Explore
Demonstrate how someone might fall in, if he did I wouldn't have let him back in the car for at least a week. Buying petrol looks a pain and I bet they don't even sell chocolate.
Josh Rimer, Mr. Gay Canada 2019
Weird about the gas station's requirement... but not nearly as weird as that "bathroom"! I mean, wow... you'd *really* have to be desperate to go in there. lol
You guys doing the 2018 Mongol Rally?
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Mongol Rally DVD Official Trailer Crossing Chinese Border | Days 6 months ago   02:19

One stand-up comic, no planning, bugger all money, 10,000 miles, no car... Adventurism at its very best!

Every summer hundreds of brave teams thunder over mountain ranges and across open steppe in pursuit of glorious adventure mayhem. Now you can enjoy the epic tale of stand up comic Buddy taking the legendary Rally to a whole new level of stupidity. With no car and no lift arranged, he hitchhikes, crawls, begs and scrapes his way to Mongolia entertaining the teams and locals all the way.

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