GIANT CATFISH ADDED TO THE AQUARIUM The Most Ridiculous Moments On Kitchen 2 days ago   11:18

The king of DIY
Today we move the red tail catfish to their aquarium!

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Comments 1574 Comments

laura corrigan
Need caves either side
Fishing is Love Kendo is Life
gills are curling on the smaller one
Matthew Daltrey
I prefer animals like this in tanks twice the size, and I don't like that you're keeping them together despite them fighting, but what can I do?
gấu trúc Tv
I subs to you done back for me
Kelsey Drummond
I've always been a fan of the underdog. I think you should keep the little one. I'd like to see how he looks when he's not picked on.
Kelsey Drummond
Oooh catfish ASMR...
Nice red tails I would get some but not enough room😞
S Shawna Sh 24!
The catfish said im mad
A catfish can get as big as a large dog!!! Looks at my dog...goddamn
Joey when they start getting to know you it's pretty awesome they are like a water dog haha.
Haha it's so weird seeing Joey act like a noob about catfish.
Jonathan Martinez
I'm not a fan of RTCs. So over rated
Tashfiq Mannan
a bumblee grouper would be an ideal pet companion w the RTC, would could also get another catfish for that tank? maybe an RTC TSN hybrid or an achara?
jericho skywalker
i feel bad about the small one
Sam Jessen
Catches a big catfish- wow looks like I just caught a dolphin! 😂😂
Eva Maxwell
Yeah, maybe time to rehome that little guy. Awww! Beautiful fish, glad you moved them into something that you can see them better in.
Jason Fulbright
And also catfish croak. That’s the sound you here
Jason Fulbright
I wouldn’t worry about it getting beat up too much.Catfish are super tough. They may level out and not be aggressive towards each other
Helder Gaming
A platinum redtail would be cool 2
Michael Schmitz
Sorry, not my cup of tea. Those fish better stay in natural biotopes or public aquariums.
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The Most Ridiculous Moments On Kitchen GIANT CATFISH ADDED TO THE AQUARIUM 2 days ago   15:14

From Amy's Baking Company to a pigeon in a kitchen.

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