GIANT CATFISH ADDED TO THE AQUARIUM How to Trim Aquarium Plants 🍃✂️ 2 days ago   11:18

The king of DIY
Today we move the red tail catfish to their aquarium!

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Catfish are delicious
Jeremy Ceniza
I haven’t touched a catfish but I’ve eaten a few 😉
The Spiritual System
Lmao i know you are my king
lauren Michelle
I love your energy!
Hello everyone,
Eventhough these type of comments are not usually apreciated,
I would like you to spend 2 minutes clicking on my latest video,
a fully restoration of an old and dirty aquarium. Thanks for the time!!
Hope you enjoy my work!
Cade Naks
It’s fine Joey in most people’s tanks as well as in the wild they almost all have a bit of tattered fins
I love the RTC & would absolutely love to own 1 but don't have anything big enough for 1. A buddy of mine that's not a fish guy said "What do ya mean ya ain't got room put 1 in that huge tank ya got" that "huge" only a 180g lol!! Had to explain how fast they grow
Why did you put them back together? You said the big one was beating up the little one so obviously they need to be separated.
Mais Um Iniciante Aquarismo
muito top
where did those peacocks cichlids go?
Ultimate Fishkeeping Show
Joey, if I had a an Aquarium or Pond Large enough and you would be willing to give them away I would happily take them, L.O.L, I'm kidding. But I would love those two Catfish.
I know I have said this before, yet I will say it again.
I am well and truly happy you got the Red Tail Catfish, they are my favorite of the Catfish.

Thank you very much for sharing.
I like the New T-Shirts.

Have a great day and a great weekend.

Take care.
karen peppe
They’re beautiful!
DAD? wHERE are YoU DaD?
JamRock305 1
This is such a sad video :-(
Premium Pass
Thank you when I want to grow up I want to keep fish right now I have a 10g tank with a healthy betta just to make sure can you put a betta with a killifish
Dominick Hayes
Did he just say so sexy tho lol
xᴅ xᴅ sᴘᴀʀᴋɪᴇ
Get a gar lol, I saw one in philippines (ocean park) it was atleast 10ft tall and 250kg, don't know if this is correct but it's just my estimation.
Brandon Higham
Hey brotha, I recently started keeping fish after my wife left me and I ended up getting a hang over dui the day after my 31st birthday in 2018 and losing my job. It has kept me sane and has helped with depression. During the last few months I have been watching your videos, amongst others, and just noticed you're from canada. Or specifically in nova Scotia. I'm from ontario myself. Just that was awesome considering how many videos I've seen from the states. Cheers.
big dog soundcloud
dude get a tiger shovle nose catfish
big dog soundcloud
i love the redtails you should put the big one in the pond with the arowannas and the rays
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How to Trim Aquarium Plants 🍃✂️ GIANT CATFISH ADDED TO THE AQUARIUM 2 days ago   12:36

This is how we trim and re-plant our stem plants in the Aquarium Gardens showroom.

Tops of stems are the best and most colourful part of the plant - don't throw them away!
Re-plant them back into your soil, or plant them straight back into the plant mass you've been trimming. This way you will retain the colourful tops of the plants and they will keep on growing and become more colourful!

Don't be afraid to get stuck in and prune your plants right back. These are fast growers and will bounce back soon enough.

Think about how you want your layout to look and the shape you want to create with your stem plants. This Aquascape has a lovely V shape along the horizon of the stems. I have trimmed the plants in this way to maintain the V shape.

Follow up your trimming session with a large water change and siphon away any remaining cuttings.

Feed your plants once again, they will be hungry and want to re-grow!

Thanks for watching. Have fun trimming your stem plants!


Shop online at:

Visit our showroom:
Aquarium Gardens, Wyton, Huntingdon, PE28 2JZ

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