Avengers Endgame Trailer Breakdown! THORS NEW WEAPON In Avenger Endgame 1 day ago   08:09

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Avengers Endgame "Mission" Promo reveals interesting clues about the final mission (or MISSIONS) to defeat Thanos! What does Cap mean by "You know your teams, you know your missions, no mistakes, no do-overs"? And which Avengers could embark on a journey in the Quantum Realm? Erik Voss breaks down the details you missed in this brief Avengers trailer, and what massive implications they have on the Endgame ending. Where is Hulk, Thor, and Captain Marvel in the Endgame trailer footage?

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bobbyboo OC
What if Loki is hiding as Scott Lang??? 🤔
Sara Mora
5:38 Thor does like that one
Jacob Wells
I noticed on Scott’s hand that disc thing was on his Right hand and the the shot of “fists in group” all but one fist are Left hands. No mistake there.
They go to space and come back. Nat's hair in the spaceship is blonde while the one in the white suit is the grown out red one. Avengers/Revenge arc?
Dinesh Naidu
Why don’t they just collect all the dragon balls 😂
Pete Drek
you can clearly see Tony got older (more grey hairs) on some shots, especially those with the white armor. at the same time is Nat red hairs. so maybe, the "white" part is the beginning of the movie where in the future they found how to reverse Thanos snap and the younger Tony+Nat blonde is the actual moment. this movie is going to be a time mess lol
5:40 why is he wearing a Fortnite top lmao
Ryan StonedOnCanadianGaming
If they travel back in time, the snap never happened.
That thick arm is Vision. Plus Bruce turning into Hulk would rip the shiznit out of any suit.
Keyan Siven Moodley
WAIT, just wait Thanos said ''no resurrections this time.'' does that mean that the scene with Thor, Hulk, Thanos happened more than once?
Ninja 9JA
The REAL Reason Thanos Had To Snap...
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the fact that either captain marvel or thor could die early in the movie scares the crap out of me
Dark Clawx
Maybe the missions are missions to get the infinity stones?
El noob De youtube
I have the 4 minutes video of end game
does anyone notice Tony's hair it changes just like black widow
Aakarsh Arya
Khalil Bates
I have 4 minutes of solid breathtaking footage you won’t believe THIS ISNT A JOKE. Please get back with me. It would be an honor giving you this footage to first be able to post about it!
Khalil Bates
I have foot of End game this is not a joke. Please get with me and I will send it to you to post. I subscribe and watch your videos all the time!
the chitari people from the first avengers might be in endgame, they are in a lego set
Skywalking Studioz
According to the cereal box of cinamon toast crunch hulk will grow a beard
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THORS NEW WEAPON In Avenger Endgame Avengers Endgame Trailer Breakdown! 1 day ago   04:26

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