Joe Rogan's Life Advice Will Tips To Organize Your Health, 6 months ago   31:08

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James Rawlings
I like Joe and of course effort and tenacity give you a better chance of 'success', but the idea that the universe 'rewards calculated risk and passion' always, and is never indifferent to them, is faulty reasoning and can lead to great frustration and self doubt when you've consistently put your heart and soul into something but the break has yet to come. Plenty of talented people work hard with very modest returns, but we live in an age that is reluctant to admit the role played by luck in our successes.
How'd you make all your money? Talent and hard work, nobody gave me nothing etc
How'd you lose it all? I was just unlucky: wrong place, wrong time.
find something you're interested in, work hard at it and, with a bit of luck, you'll do ok.
Patrick Pacheco
Everyone needs to watch this, everyone needs to look up to Joe ♥️
MB Ramirez
Damn Joe Rogan I’m a big fan you have changed the way I look at life from mushroom taking,dmt, meditation I have show me the path they have change my life bro for the best!!!:)oooo can’t Forget Eddie bravo and hisconspiracy theories Man you covered it all brother and I wish one day I get to meet your person brother to thank you personally
Eric Draven
"Play video games and turn into a what??".. this is me right. Now married and 37 no kids . I need this
Cr Ways
Im struggling to reintergrate into life having a criminal record an overcoming a heroin habit and deciding to change leaves you in a lost space the community doesn't want me, finding work is ridiculously challenging without a job no coin, no independence, little to offer, this kills motivation. Daily ill continue to perservere that's my discipline but I'm tired, I have no ego left. Love has lost me I'm on a mission to find it so I can find comfort in being able give love an enjoy people, an life. Let you know when I find my path
mark lovell
Eliakim Paracuelles
Joe Rogan thumbnail lookin like Igoudala lol
jimmy donohue
I’m 35 and stifled and rotten.
Rabbits I luv
Who is Joe Rogan talking to?
Saving Bee
So... I've been putting off my dishes all day (really 3 days). About 2 minutes in I jumped up and started & finished the dishes... In 30 minutes-- the entire podcast.
Steve Woodland
Joe..I love you man..& I know what you mean when saying “most lazy disciplined person that you know” but I have to politely disagree because the fact that you “don’t want to do it but still do it” means that you are the very definition of discipline..doing things that you don’t want to do is a monumental task for most of are an amazing human being & a brilliant example for us truly lazy b’tards to follow
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Muscle Company
come for the motivation, stay for the invaluable rattlesnake anti-venom info!
Connor Jones

"Or you could sit around and play video games and turn into a... *_BODYBUILDING_* "
Joe Rohan is bae well said!
Lancing Ruel
Who is the man who said his purpose is to help expand human consciousness?
Play "Kanye West - Bring me down" after this. Same violin, dope track, motivational Kanye =)
fdj.bjr. 925
Sensei Rogan speaks his mind, tells it like it is, but man, that beautiful violin melody really helps deliver the message. Thank you for snipping these together and thank you Joe for sharing the spark with all of us. I'm truly inspired, thank you.
"Increase your healthspan"
What a perfect way to describe eating nutritionally
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Tips To Organize Your Health, Joe Rogan's Life Advice Will 6 months ago   35:53

A compilation of JRE shorts courtesy of Joe Rogan & guests of his podcast. These very clips have changed the way I think, I feel about myself, & the way I treat the rest of the world. Listen in a quiet place with an open mind & use the tools from the video to question how you have been living.

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