Seth Abramson: Proof of Collusion SHOCKING! Bill Maher BEST 2 days ago   10:37

Real Time with Bill Maher
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Curatorial journalist and "Proof of Collusion" author Seth Abramson joins Bill Maher to discuss President Trump's shady behavior.

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Comments 2341 Comments

Who is this gremlin? He ever takes a breath?
No wonder he lost his hair he seems like a butthurt person
Garfield JV
Keep doing that ,Trump win much more , in 2020, so Trump ignore you shallow cunts , ps go fuck your self!
Garfield JV
You become cook I think your credibility finish !
Garfield JV
So where is collusion bill maher hater Trump you lost rustional ! bill you lost again again and again you living in fucking ilusion! Why you so fucking stupid about Muller report!
Hahaha liberals are so pathetic and desperate
Kelly Stephenson
Trump is an accidental genius at distraction. He's not smart but 50 odd years of grifting gives you some skill. Plus he learnt it from his father
Jerry Blanton
Nobody ever talks about the 5 textile plants that moved out of Georgia to China oh that's old news!!
Jerry Blanton
Good ole Nixon he really FUCKed American when he opened up the market with China Nixon Reagan well your living in the present you see the outcome!!
the name 'Trump' should become a synonym of corruption after this presidency.
Paul Gerek
r u sick in your mind????
Oliver Farfan
Get Devin Nunes, he is the watchdog for the Kremblin.
Spit Dragon
So... He ripped off *Homestuck*?
Bill Maher? Do you guys think the fake news media stations will try to brainwash the dumb down people like in 2016 to make them think President Trump has no chance, to just stay at home, don't bother mailing in your vote, and try to make gullible Americans believe, don't wait in line for a landslide? I'm wondering if they learned their lesson, or if they think they can brainwash this country, deceive and trick the very elect, in believing yet again Trump has no chance? I would hope to God this country isn't that stupid. I mean Trumps ass kicking of a no challenger Clinton, I would hope open the eyes of Real Americans with that 30 states to 20 states ass whipping Trump put on them. I'm thinking this ass whipping Trump puts on, will be 34 states to 16 states in 2020, at least I would hope with the job Trump has done. Hopefully people if they are real Americans woke up, and see the democrats bullshit.
Yankees1215 NJ
awwww u fat , ugly fuck hates trump shocker!!!
Rebecca Bunch
Hearing/seeing an overuse/repeating of "actually", "wow" and other
words/phrases? Learn more about the conspiracy on facebook
@ColePhoenixWolvesforHire. Allegedly.
Motivated Conservative
This guys a fucking idiot the pee thing has been debunked and also the trump thing with Russia is OGUS and proven that the trump operatives were actually DEMOCARTS and being asked to implement a plan ... the EMAILS have forensically been debunked led as being hacked by Russia and were ACTUALLY downloaded via USB drive simply based on the transfer speed of the files - trans-Atlantic file transfer is maxed out at 12 mbps but the HACK files were transferred within 5 mins at around 45 mbps the same speed that a USB runs at so this proves that the files were taken off of the servers LOCALLY but the fun part is RENNEN was in Moscow the same week the Russian hack was made public and the METADATA in the "hack" was also forensically debunked as well as being planted ... SO this proves that HILLARY paid for the dossier and delivered the hack TO Russia. Ia Brennen on a too secret meeting to Russia.... dont forget also that a CLINTON CAMPAIGN POLL In December (2 months before the hack and 3 mths before brennen went to Russia) by PODESTA in an email days that the NUMBER ONE ISSUE for voters was HILLARYS INVOLVEMENT with the Uranium One deal giving Russia control of 20% of the US uranium.... and at the BOTTOM of that email Podesta tells Hillary that the NEW PLAN is to start a TRUMP RUSSIA CONSPIRACY to off set HILLARYS bull crap

The DATE on the Podesta email if u want to look it up I believe was Dec 21 2015 maybe
Luke B
What was wrong with the things Trump said on that audio tape. Trump can actually fire Comey even if he thought he had a bad hair cut.... saying some nice things about Putin is criminal? It's fine to disagree but it isn't criminal or any smoking gun. For Trump it was about the art of the deal, Trump believes more to be able to accomplish things it doesn't really serve any purpose to call Putin worse than Hitler which is what Maher wants. Again where is the smoking gun?
Timothy Ko
Yes Bill, you can investigate the investigators if they’ve broken the law. It doesn’t happen often because our police are, for the most part, professionals. But when they break the law and violate civil rights, they do get investigated and imprisoned when convicted.
sac man
Boom busted "how can that be?" no real answer strait to comedy to save his ass ...Propaganda people!! Bill your hatred possibly due to a law suit you lost against TRUMP is why you lie/exaggerate what a dirt bag man.
sac man
Yeah were just the United States of selling out your own country by promoting socialism, selling uranium to our enemies , letting the Russian's take a UN backed country's property and sovereignty, giving 30 billion in gold and fiat to the largest sponsor of terrorism who then buy Chinese weapons to kill our boys in the Middle East, Gutting out military so they can’t even train, then allowing unskilled workers to flood our country to financially break our back, not to mention giving everyone and any one Medical care including those illegals, when we owe so much debt every man, women, and child in this country would have to pay 65,000 a peace to pay it off!!... is a picture starting to develop for anyone or I am the only one here that thinks? The liberals are not for America!!! Despite Trumps flaws his actions speak volumes in comparison to what the democrat’s actions are...Better American economy, job growth including highest employment for minorities, and women. Best GDP growth in at least a decade, building up our defenses again, building a wall! …All pro American. Check This propaganda at the door! Mahar no matter how funny you make light of the fall of our country! Were not laughing and were not falling for it!!! Laughing is the only way anyone could take this BS! Are you all asleep!
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SHOCKING! Bill Maher BEST Seth Abramson: Proof of Collusion 2 days ago   13:46

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