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The AVGN pulls out and reviews as many video game magazines as he can find, except for Nintendo Power. From Atari Age, to GamePro, to some lesser known gaming magazines, the 80s and 90s were filled with great reads. The walkthroughs, reviews, previews, ratings... and the terrible ads. This is episode 166 of the Angry Video Game Nerd season 13.


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"Aces High", "Captain Scurvy", "Desert of Lost Souls", "Hall of the Mountain King", "Pixelland", "Robobozo", "Show Your Moves", "Slow Ska Game Loop", "Wallpaper"
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There wasn't an AVGN episode in February... so we're going to release two in April. Our goal is to upload one or two episodes a month from now on. Sorry for the delay. Oh, and just in case you missed it, we covered Kingdom Hearts in January: Thanks for watching.
Barbara Manning
Can you make another episode please😇
Jaymond Lei
If you or a loved one suffers from video thumb, you may be entitled for financial compensation.
Abcdede Flims Inc.
13:35 "We're Animaniacs!"
Abcdede Flims Inc.
Roll back the rock
Till the dawn of time
When the earth was smoking
And the lava flowed

Roll back the rock
Till the dawn of time
And blow your cool
Just like a volcano

Snap your fingers
And stomp your feet!
Soakin' up a little
Of the jungle beat

Roll back the rock
Till the dawn of time
And sing this song with me!
Tim Allen Link😂😂😂
Ravage Gonza
I'll buy that for a dollar...
That line with the kid saying “aaaaasssss” made me choke on my soup. That was hilarious.
Hiroshi Jinbo
I miss 90's and it's B-rated atmosphere, no PC, sensitivity, censorship and all other bullshits, just games, and shitty games
I miss getting my demo discs with Official Playstation Magazine. I still have a bunch of the PS1 era discs. Even the DVD video only discs from PSM were often pretty great.
Aran Tyne
Play tropico 3
What's up with the English subtitles? They almost look like they were captioned by a computer, but it's not the YouTube auto-subtitles.
I laughed harder during this episode than ever.
dick castle
The original nes def gave me video thumb
Gram Hill
5:05 and so on 💀💀💀
James is still as good as he was, years ago!
Skeleton Entertainment
CJ Stolte
So whats the deal? Didnt even mention the mag Tips & Tricks... Until the last 5 secs of the vid & it had nothing to do with that actual magazine.

I got blisters from those spin the joystick sections on the n64
K r i s i s
Only real ones know that intro
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Wrestling Games - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 149
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