The Cheapest 13” MacBook Pro is Actually Why Used iPhones Cost More 2 days ago   10:11

Jonathan Morrison
The new Mac Pro is also fast -
My performance review of the baseline 13 inch MacBook Pro that was finally updated for 2019 with a quad-core CPU, TouchBar, T2 chip and while some might look at the 1.4GHz CPU and write it off, the performance might surprise you.

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-A C-
I would like to see it compared to the i7! Can’t believe this i5 has hyperthreading.
Alexandr Garlock
I just bought it. Love it. 128gb sucks but cloud storage is the way.
Vince Balahan
I just bought a 2018 baseline Pro and after three days, this was released! This is just a better deal.
128gb Storage and 8gb Ram is insufficient.
Plump Cat
How about premiere Pro for the professionals out here
James Vela
Great review! I use a 2011 MacBook Air to create motion graphics in After Effects CC 2019 and tether to Capture One 12 without any issues or slowdown whatsoever. I'm glad that this is continuing the tradition and that Apple is still one of the most reliable brands.
J TheTechie
Thanks for this review Jonathan. It's super helpful. I thought it was so helpful that I shared it on Reddit. Check it out
Ali Hadizadeh
If you upgrade this to 16 GB ram and 256 GB ssd, it will be the same price as a Dell XPS with a 6 core (Core i7-9750H 9th gen) cpu, 16 Ram, 512 GB ssd, and GTX 1650 4GB discrete graphics.
The way you Apple fans justify these overpriced hardware is getting to ridiculous heights these days.
Prasad Kamat
Great! Now I guess I gotta wait just one more generation till they provide an actual working keyboard..
Why do macs say cpu usage 400%?
joshua oduse
The people who disliked this just bought the previous-gen MacBook pro before watching the video.
Job Boef
Is it possible to make a comparison video where you test real world performance differences between this entry level and the 4 thunderbolt ports version? Also, how much of a difference does the SSD make to the more 'pro' like version?
micah navera
whats the difference between this one andd $1700?
Ruslan Jo May
It would be great to compare to MacBook Pro 4 thunderbolts 2019. What is the difference between them both.
Careless Demon
Looks like a toy !🤔😂
Christian Frühauf
Good review, mate, you are excellent, calme and give a lot of explanations! Thanks a lot!
unkown 34X
omg! macbooks macbooks enough! i'm done giving money to apple... it's just a weak piece of metal. useless you know why? (no ports) good with dangle hell. i'm out
Arneet Singh
Do you guys think upgrading to an i7 processor (2 thunderbolt ports) and 16GB ram is necessary for coding (software engineer major at McGill) and school work? Or would that be overkill? Any help will be appreciated!
Joseph World
Would this entry MacBook Pro handle nicely Pubg? Like at medium specs?
Joseph World
As a student and a music/musician enthusiast, MacOS should be better than Windows? I've never used a Mac, but I've had an iPhone before, and really liked iOS and Garage Band so... and I know u can plug a guitar and use digital Amps and effects and also record it on GB. So seems like better software than windows.
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Why Used iPhones Cost More The Cheapest 13” MacBook Pro is Actually 2 days ago   04:21

Have you ever wondered why used iPhone's cost so much money? Used iPhones like the iPhone 7 or 8 almost always cost more than the same generation of Android phone. Since iPhones receive support and feature updates longer than Android phones they often have a higher resale value.

Apple still supports older phones like the iPhone 6s, which will be updated to iOS 13. But older Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S6 don't get the newest versions of Android. Android phones like Google's Pixel phones or OnePlus phones that receive updates faster usually perform better in the long run.

iOS compatibility chart via Statista:

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Why Used iPhones Cost More Than Used Android Phones