UFC 236: Israel Adesanya post GLORY 34 Denver: Israel Adesanya 2 days ago   21:06

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UFC 236: Israel Adesanya post fight press conference

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Comments 1761 Comments

Victor Opara
Victor Opara
he actually dropped Kevin more than a few times. what else does he need to prove
Woodley Changay
Omo 9j this is your time
Cody Williams
They both looked beat up after the fight.
Him and kelvin looked like Daffy Duck
Embrace the Darkness
Thomas Akindapo
Hey Omo Iya, we've got your back here in Australia and keep representing Nigeria and may the Maori spirits keep you afloat. Remember, Naija no dey carry last o!
O Dubb
He said dude gave him Botox 😂😂😂
Realistic Views
Wow , in this Post---UFC--236 video , Israel looks exactly like the Black Bart---Simpson with the Hereditary Mouth from his Father , Homer---Simpson.......that goes to show the power of Kelvin Gastelum , which is capable to Re-arrange your Face to a Cartoon--Character.......damn.......
CedRock starr
He’s dope
Eseta Mamea
He looks like Botox on steroids. I love this guy but not at jones caliber
Louis A. McCaII II
Gassed him up. This guy was was hyped up after that exhibition, paycheck fight for Silva. He was a real let down. Long legs, but why? Guy's torso was longer than his legs and closed the distance 100 times.
Pipi Brasci
Israel looking like Ninja Turtle here😂😂😂😂😂..a lot of dqmage on his face... one of the toughest test hes faced in his caeer.. he shld note its just the beginning. But i like his guts and courage.
Delroy Cunningham
For sure yeap , “ this is about me , it will address that at another time “. Meaning about Jon Jones ?. Sure Jon Jones is a beast of a champion any day . It was not that time to ask this new champion who fought a hard fought battle against another heavy fighter to become the new middle interim champ in Israel Adesanya champion
Vena Von Koppel
Funny how everyone said Kelvin was gonna rape him just because he was more experienced. Experience counts but it’s he who turns up the night and wants it more.
80" Reach
Damn Bro go get rest and heal up.. You performed well..
yu can tell by how he talks hes an assassin
Kim Cha
Get jones off drugs then meet at a catch weight thn we hava even fight
Sir Melven the 3rd
Very intelligent brother.
Osas Nosa
Nigeria to the world.... Africa stand up.... love from a fellow Nigerian lol
sundance kidd
10 guys ran a train on him
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GLORY 34 Denver: Israel Adesanya UFC 236: Israel Adesanya post 2 days ago   15:41

FULL VIDEO of Israel Adesanya vs. Robert Thomas in the GLORY Middleweight Contender Tournament semi-finals from #GLORY34 Denver. SUBSCRIBE for updates!