Ray Dalio On Gold: Buffett Is Making Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio on how he became successful 2 days ago   02:41

Sept. 21st

Raymond Dalio, Bridgewater Associates founder, & CIO, discusses his biggest concerns about the global economy, and why he thinks gold should be part of every investor's portfolio.

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Friday’s are cool
Frank Sanchez
U need to buy pshyical gold not stocks gold stock gold isnt real
Black man with a plan
Going all in on gold and silver is as dumb as not having any gold or silver at all.

- Me 2019
Shantanu Padmanabhan
Amazing to watch the comments saying "Dalio was wrong" based on the past 6 years, proving that you DID NOT listen to what he was saying.
Did you listen to the part about "during a monetary crisis"?

We havent had that in the past 5 years, you geniuses. If that happens and gold still falls then you can say "Dalio was wrong". Of course this isnt likely to happen.
Lisa Murphy
I think he makes perfect sense. If we have a really (really) serious collapse up ahead having gold coins could help you get you through it. At worst it's a decent place to store wealth. I think the best way to own it is in 1 oz 1/2 oz and 1/10 oz coins.
Michael Becker
why do all central banks own gold reserves?
No Hope Equals no fear
Gold is garbage.. had a gold ring once.... i threw it away
Border Tone
Gold declining for 6 years without any cashflow and he still keep saying this. It's easy to be a smart guy who is admired. Just say there will be a crash sometime next 20 years and you gonna be a hero. Not really differed from all those guys on the financial field.
Axl88 the narrow road
Ray Dalio was so wrong that makes me cringe. Gold was almost $1,800 and today September 2018 is $1,200. Better become a better investor Ray if you want to keep your wealth, or hire me, because I'd be a way better manager of your fortune, at least not so dumb. 😵😂😎
Or maybe he's so clever to decieve investors in bad purchases in orther to take the other side of the trade. 🤔😅👏🙊
Andi Rachman
1 thing you should know . Why big banks keep safe the gold ? Cz It is real money .
If dollar paper burn into ash .
Gold is still gold .
Andi Rachman
Gold is old commodity since human know metals . In every religion , Gold & silver coins is an aset . Arab use dinar dirham coins for trade . The problem in this era is fiat money , inflation & usury interest .
dheeraj Kumar
he just said gold is bad in long term, he also mentioned gold is like cash but a little bit better and warren buffet is a guy who invest for long term so he would not like gold in his portfolio
Orange Sin
Gold is just a kind of belief, if u studied from history of money. Lets make it that way, you buy gold for the sake of selling it at higher price, in exchanging back of fiat currency. If you treat gold as value, then bitcoin can replace gold. That was according to past, human holds on to the beliefs that government tends to fail, and fiat currency goes into nothing, and that is the time to use gold.

But, do you think fiat currency can fail? The whole monetary system has been established for so long, human will not go back into using gold, if so, human will go back to system barter. Doesnt make sense right?

After all, those countries with the worse currency value use USD, they dont use gold for transactions.
Carl Marcus
He wasn’t wrong on the political stuff
Rebel Lucy
Dalio knows history. Buffett will be proven wrong on this. Buffett is also a cheerleader for the US and Dalio is more honest.
Repeal 16
Silver up limit
Oz Dude
2:11 everytime someone says something they dont want the public to know they look nervous as hell
Kevin Lee
It’s now 2018 June. Gold went from about $1,500+ in 2012 when this video was uploaded to less than $1,300 now. On the other hand, S&P500 went from 1300+ to 2700+ in the same period. Not sure about you, I’d very much prefer to be in Buffett’s camp.
If you had invested $100,000 with Buffet when he first took over Berkshire Hathaway in 1964 averaging 19.56% it would be worth $1,547,529,525. Investing in gold in 1964 at $284 would have given you a compound return of 2.88% which would turn $100,000 into just $463,309. Lower than inflation and you would have lost money. BUFFETT WAS NOT WRONG!
Robert Silano
A lot of misunderstanding here, take the economist side of Dalio and business sense of Buffet- Berkshire has so much idle cash, or float, while Dalios massive stash of equity has increased its GLD position. Gold serves very useful as a weighted stabilizer, and is optimal for either short/long positions. Kevin O'Leary utilizes this strategy with gold in his holdings too and has been for years. At a weighted avg, buy when it's weak, sell and trim off when its high but maintain a consistent level and enjoy the spread inbetween. And again, an effective inflation hedge.
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Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio on how he became successful Ray Dalio On Gold: Buffett Is Making 2 days ago   05:41

Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio discusses his book ‘Principles’, and how the mistakes he made throughout his career led him to success.