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"Mister Speaker" John Bercow was at the centre of furious Commons scenes as MPs squabbled over the potential process of bringing forward a Brexit plan B.

The Commons Speaker faced a backlash from Conservative MPs after selecting an amendment from Tory former minister Dominic Grieve, which aims to ensure Prime Minister Theresa May returns with a revised EU exit plan within three sitting days if her original Brexit deal is defeated.

Mr Grieve’s amendment wants to speed up the process for a plan B and seeks to change a Government motion detailing the timetable for the Brexit deal debate, which Tory MPs argued was “unamendable”.

Mr Bercow stood by his decision, telling the Commons: “My understanding is the motion is amendable, I’m clear in my mind about that.”

After heckles from the Tory benches, he added: “I’m trying to do the right thing and make the right judgments. That is what I have tried to do and what I will go on doing.”

Tory former minister Mark Francois, deputy chairman of the Eurosceptic European Research Group (ERG), claimed Mr Bercow was not following his own rules.

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Malika Zaghouane
Mr Brecow "I salute you " 👍👏👏👏
I understand people liking brexit, I understand people not liking brexit.
I don't understand anyone who thinks that John Bercow is anything other than a complete romantic of the parliamentary process.
If you think he's biased then personally I can't see how you could approve any speaker who wasn't either for your agenda or a speaker who remained silent when brexiters said things that were unfounded or trying to manipulate the process because they can't be bothered to work within the confines of Parliament.
17 million people voted for Brexit??? There are 66 million people in the UK. Wtf were the rest 49 million doing sitting with their thumbs up their asses instead of voting against this shitshow they are in now??
Ha ha, at 3:15 you can hear "Mr. Yeah yeah yeah YEAAAAHHH!" lol
Paul Wedlock
When the motion is put forward as Forthwith!
Then NO Amendment can be carried!
For the Mr speaker to further his view of an amendment?
Renders said amendment
out of >context
I can't believe these guys used to rule a third of the Earth's surface.
robert khan
I fear men like mr bercow are in short supply so i thank him for his morale structure
mark hughes
Why do I myself, and anyone else, know about his hostility to Brexit? Why is he known as a partisan? What is the use of making fine distinctions if they are made under a crude motion of mind affecting his involvement with those distinctions?
mark hughes
What about the intimidation of parliamentary officials? - was that something that was accurately reported?
mark hughes
Judging in his own case - absurd!
Steel Pulse
Didn't realise until just now that MP's turn and bow to the speaker once exiting the floor. 40:55
Bercow the entertainment in this politics thing.. And I love it (3:17 Yeeeeesseaaaaee) LMAO oh wow
The only reason this video has more likes then dislikes for a brexit video is because of the speaker "ordeerr"
peter tobin
we pay them to do this
Stephen Long
If the House of Commons denied Brexit then that would throw into question any General Election, the people decided we wanted out by a majority so stop frigging about and get us out with no interference from the EU.
Kevin Smyth
Mark Francois MP is FANTASTIC. Francois for PM. Ripping that letter up live on BBC / Sky Fake News...bloody brilliant.
The idiot brexiteer, at 2:40, in the video said that everybody in the UK is able to claim Irish citizenship live on TV a month or so ago.
Fools like him should be ignored.
Anonymity For All
It is so funny how hypocritical these Brexiteers are. They bang on about taking back control and parliamentary sovereignty but when Bercow or High Court Judges give parliament control and restrict executive overreach they are enemy of the people although they are standing up for what Brexiteers claim to believe. It would be funny if it wasn’t real.
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