The Independent torches '$1m' to highlight Burning Man 2018 Vlog 2 months ago   03:02

The Independent
A temporary city pops up in the Nevada desert once a year, where gifting is king and community spirit reigns. The Independent used it to highlight the perils of global corruption.

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No evidence is cited, no specific countries are cited, and no corrupt people are cited. Nothing to see here. Move along folks.
So the independent didn't do it, nice clickbait
stacy skywatch
more satanic garbage,,,
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Burning Man 2018 Vlog The Independent torches '$1m' to highlight 2 months ago   08:12

Love, friendship, kindness, tolerance, hospitality, trust and lots and lots of emotions are the words I have to describe the days I spent at Burning Man. It truly increased my belief in humanity.

There was also some of the most fascinating Art and Music everywhere. I’m sharing with you some of those in the footage.

I had some amazing jam sessions at the BRC piano lounge (videos might come if I get a hold of it), and watched brilliant performances (see video of Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition by my classmate from uni Brad Hogarth of @art_haus_burn Camp in the footage). I’d like to thank each person who was a part of my journey there which I hope to continue next year. #burningman2018