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LOVE YOURSELF | Positive Morning Motivation (VERY MOTIVATIONAL)

Speakers: Tom Bilyeu, Tyrese Gibson





Tyrese Gibson

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Evil Grassel
manish sharma
Love your self be happy don't jealous with others. Be careful about what time you leave.
Alvida Bracewell
Thank you
Regan Underwood
That was the best way
Lana Louise
Don’t let someone walk all over your mind with their dirty Boots.
If you just be positive and believe in yourself, you can overcome everything.
Beauty By Nike
that second speaker really inspired me
Irionne EYE REE YON *
This got me out of bed this morning
Self-Made Millionaires
Thank You so much for this video.
Meme Roro
and what could you do if these negative ppl are your family ( parents ) .. and you just cant leave every thing behind and leave ?? what should i do ?
treasa shaw
Right on time....thank you
Jenny Velez
I love love love this speech.
Kara Payton
I’m counting “literally” said. Lol
Tonya Childers
So true! Some people thrive on messiness, I choose positivity!
Christina King
663 bitter people disliked this amazing speech.
Margot Gebhardt
Amazing!!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Bonnie Mullins
I left a negotive person who had a disfunctional family I'm glad I did as life is Soo much better and happier and I'm learning to self love myself
Alex W
Thank you, I've been struggling lately... suicidal most every night, depressed most everyday. I know I need to make a move, n get out of my bubble. ... just thank you.
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SELF LOVE While you Sleep LOVE YOURSELF | Positive Morning 1 week ago   2:01:05

SELF LOVE While you Sleep ~ Transform your Life with this Method

Welcome to dauchsy meditations. This meditation may be the most powerful and most transformational one I have created because Loving yourself is the most important thing you can do for yourself. When you love yourself, your life will transform, life becomes so much better, fantastic things will begin to happen in your life as if by magic. You will become healthy and happy. Difficult situations will begin to resolve themselves. All you need to do is say it and feel. Because of your powerful subconscious, the body and mind will respond automatically.
In this meditation, you will bring to the surface all of the negative, harmful thoughts that you have, and the ones that you may even try to hide. Acknowledging these negative thoughts will allow them to dissolve as you allow yourself to let them go. You will be releasing these negative thoughts and beliefs of yourself and about life. That is when you can begin the process of accepting and approving of who and what you are in the here and now.
There is no need to wait until you lose weight, make more money, or wait for someone else to love you. When you love yourself, everything else will come naturally. Our outer world is the perfect expression of our inner world, so When we begin to love ourselves first, unconditionally and without judgement or criticism, we will begin to see the overwhelming love and joy in our outer world. We will be able to give so much love, as well as receive it.
Follow along as long as you can, if you fall asleep that is ok. Your subconscious mind will take over from there. Listening and practicing this nightly will pave for you a path of love inside and out. A transformation that words can not express.
So first, before we begin, I want you to make a vow to yourself. Something far greater than just a commitment. A vow that you do whatever it takes to love yourself. Say it to yourself now. I will do whatever it takes to love myself. I will love myself unconditionally. I love myself.