What happens to the Robot Vacuum SURPRISING MY GIRLFRIEND (1 HOUR TO PACK) 5 months ago   17:33

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Yeni Trujillo
I have one of those vacuum and I also have a dog and when we let it vacuum my dog Justs stares at it but when it close to him he acts like Koda 😄😄
It randomly stopped because the brush roll got jammed up it says in the manual 4 beeps glowing red - jammed brush
use some of the magnet tape from Eufy and place it around the rocks. Also the dustbin was full when you opened it.
Lol, that vacuum vs dog hair, i think the vacuum gonna looooooooose
Janelle Amand
Hi this is a late comment, DO NOT GET THE ROOMBA WITH THE SENSOR ON TOP!!!!!

(The one with the cylinder on top in the front that sticks out) IT RUNS UNDER THINGS AND GETS CAUGHT ON THE SENSOR AND GETS STUCK! Then when you try and get it unstuck when you pull it out you leave gashes in the machine because you scrape it. We have the roomba and it has TONS of gashes and scratches all on the top because it rams the sensor under couches, cabinets and such and it gets itself stuck and dies. The only way around this is to watch it carefully and be there to aid it or block off underneath short areas where it could nudge itself under.
pablo the Chihuahua2019
Chloe Dog
Idk how long it takes for u to make it, I just want you to make them because you, Chelsea, Cooper, Koda, and Bella are AMAZING!!
when this vacuum dies you should upgrade to a Irobot Roomba i7+. BUT it's 1000 bucks
Richard Hutchinson
Trev, you should do this again with Bella
jennifer jones
lol this was fun.
Robert Lewis
Dumb looking people in this video but long as there are animals involved, all the pretend smelly dog lovers act like its the greatest thing ever. Keep it simple for simple minds like always. Plus you have no idea how those vacuums work which would be no surprise to anyone with a brain. Good job on what you purchased and I'm sure plenty of others say good job also. Too bad its wasn't a good job at all though. I bet that place smells really good.
Heather Keeton
Don’t run the vacuum when you are gone! If they poop in the house, the vacuum will smear that s*** EVERYWHERE! Only do it at night when Cooper is upstairs sleeping and Koda is kenneled!
Anon Ymous
I think it just proves that doggo is mostly reacting for the entertainment of his people....
Atit Godiwala
C- Crazy
O-oh to crazy
O-only Sunday
R-ruler of craziness
Sadie Jo Hunter
We have a roomba and the button is grren so we named it Meryl the turtle
Benji _123
2019 yes same omg
Kelcelyn Colon
You got to buy an Alexa and do crazy tings with cooper.😆😆😆😆
Shylaja Basavaraj
I watch all Ur episode of super cooper Sunday . I love you and your dogs . They are so cute . I wish I also had like ur dogs
Olivia Ridnert
wht does koda always look so depressed xDDD
Jeff Lane
He doesn't want to be spied on
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SURPRISING MY GIRLFRIEND (1 HOUR TO PACK) What happens to the Robot Vacuum 5 months ago   11:53

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