What happens to the Robot Vacuum SURPRISING MY GIRLFRIEND (1 HOUR TO PACK) 2 weeks ago   17:33

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Eilah Epstein
I have one of those and it goes back to it’s charging spot when it’s low on battery
Toi Mckinney
Emilija Ivanova
Kodas leg grow back
Glenn Johnson
You should get a little fance to put around the rocks so the vacuum dose int get stuck
Suzette Altman
Cooper thought it was for him because he needs to

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Angela Brennan
I got a golden ritriver too, and I called him Cooper because you are so inspiring psychology love you
Cian Higgins
Please will u do a red dead redemption 2 campaign video?
bluezion nove
yaaaay its 2019 lol I love your vid im always watching for im ready for school xDDDDDD
Chantel Breedlove
why do you have a hacer lady picher
Jed ward
The vacuum keeps getting snagged on the dogs toilet below the stairs.
wolf 197
Or a*
wolf 197
Can you please look into another dog and can you get a pitbull of a presacanario
Ihaseverything Plays
I was hopin we would catch the mystery pooper
Space Encounters
i was quiet scared when you showed the futege of coop fighting with the robot.
lightning strike
10:31 What's inside of coopey cooper's mouth🐶🐶🐶
Janae Perry
I love your videos and Koda and Cooper. Happy 2019 keep up the
super good work.
Vienne Animates
C- chaotic
O- overly exited
O- overly hyper
P- poos outside
E- extremely jealous
R- really and will always be their baby
Aidan Dunlap
Pause at 10:33 to get some inside footage of coops mouth
Bernie McCann
Really, could you please stop talking!
Esme Nouvelle
TmarTn2 RoboVacs are definitely the best, one question. WTH kind of douche gives an appliance as a gift? No better way to say I love you, now wait on me hard and foot.
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SURPRISING MY GIRLFRIEND (1 HOUR TO PACK) What happens to the Robot Vacuum 2 weeks ago   11:53

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