Top 10 Insane Executions in Danganronpa Top 10 LGBT Characters in Video Games 2 weeks ago   08:26

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And you thought YOUR high school was murder...These are the ways that the unfortunate students of Hope's Peak Academy have met their ends at the hands of that sick teddy bear from hell, Monokuma. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Insane Danganronpa Executions!

00:32 #10. Mikan Tsumiki
01:15 #9. Mondo Owada
01:54 #8. Alter Ego
02:41 #7. Teruteru Hanamura
03:28 #6. Leon Kuwata
04:14 #5. Celestia Ludenberg
05:03 #4. Gundham Tanaka
05:45 #3, #2 & #1:???

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He tried so hard to sing well during #6. I thought I’d point it out
Sun Buns
Rip my boi Gundham Tanaka I’ll take care of your Hamsters!
Alice Theblackrabbit
I like this list.
Justin Kim
celestia was killed by the truck because to make her feel a lot of despair for feeling as a normal persons death
Snowice2008 Version Uno
Danganronpa 1 and 2 arent even brutal NDRV3 and SDRA2 are brutal as F****
Kayse Cull
Ohmtoonz Forlife
This list is just all of the actual executions in order
Superstar Yoshi
That bear needs Holy Water.
Strange Stranger
I have to say that Leon's is my favorite execution because it was a great kick off for the whole danganronpa series.
Luna Lovegood
Honestly, my favorite would have to be Celestia Ludenberg. It's so dramatic, and as a theatre kid, I love that.

Though I also like Chiaki's as a girl who likes video games.
Yumiko Toga
Our most insane best girl will always be the most insane executions EVER
jml adventers
evee Tv
No his name is despair bear
Tomanyan And the nyans
Uh... Doesn’t the anime have a punishment for real Chiaki...? AlSo Mikans is so weird... and mondos is based on little black sambo.
Chelsea Beaver
I hate you cuz u said that Mondo's death was funny
Phoenix Wright
Mina Hatsuna
What about- Gonta's death? It seems insane in my opinion.

Also 'dungunronpa'
Ajai Smallwood
What is the plot for this show?
Shaped Apple2444
Love this anime
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Top 10 LGBT Characters in Video Games Top 10 Insane Executions in Danganronpa 2 weeks ago   09:53

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