Top 10 Insane Executions in Danganronpa Top 10 LGBT Characters in Video Games 3 months ago   08:26

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And you thought YOUR high school was murder...These are the ways that the unfortunate students of Hope's Peak Academy have met their ends at the hands of that sick teddy bear from hell, Monokuma. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Insane Danganronpa Executions!

00:32 #10. Mikan Tsumiki
01:15 #9. Mondo Owada
01:54 #8. Alter Ego
02:41 #7. Teruteru Hanamura
03:28 #6. Leon Kuwata
04:14 #5. Celestia Ludenberg
05:03 #4. Gundham Tanaka
05:45 #3, #2 & #1:???

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Imma Shootu
No I love peko I hate you gameeeeeeeeeeee
Mackenzie Escoto
Top 10 absurd danganronpa hairstyles
pengey boss
We need an ambulance death
I watched this before I watched danganronpa but I didn’t care but after I watched and played the games because idk but danganronpav3 the ma thing
Am i the only one who thinks they put only danganronpa 1 and 2's deaths only bc they're the easiest to find online, no seriously bc dangaronpa v3 has the most brutal death of all.
BananaShrek ;p
But Gundham isn’t dead bish he just had a coma and woke up from it he is alive
BananaShrek ;p
Why isn’t watching you mispronouncing the names the number one execution??
Jayden 209914
Leon Kuwata, a mother fucker who I was happy to see die, I mean do u see how he looks ?? 😂
big forehead
big forehead
Mikan's death was honestly so, *so* stupid. They could've done better...


But some of the most sad executions were Leon, Kaede, and of course Teruteru. Also when PEKO was executed that was fucking heartbreaking. Poor Fuyu...
Gonna Drift
5:43 That's the highlight for me!
gavin gonzalez
Perhaps you should make a remake with V3 Executions too.
Junko Enoshima
The spell of gundams didn’t fail, he cast it to protect his four dark devas of destruction and he died with a smile because he knew they would be safe :,)
Junko Enoshima
Jupiter Kun
i still laughing at no. 9 cause I only understand about the fly come over to your laptop right
Phoenix Wright
Chriz_1sh Gaming
What abpit the ultimate maid?!
Junko Enoshima
I mean of course my punishment was the best, I’m Junko!
Johan Warning
Can you make an updated version with danganronpa v3 executions
Jacob Camacho
Why not try "top ten danganronpa murders" and i mean the ones where the students kill not monokuma
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Top 10 LGBT Characters in Video Games Top 10 Insane Executions in Danganronpa 3 months ago   09:53

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