Top 10 Insane Executions in Danganronpa Top 10 LGBT Characters in Video Games 5 months ago   08:26

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And you thought YOUR high school was murder...These are the ways that the unfortunate students of Hope's Peak Academy have met their ends at the hands of that sick teddy bear from hell, Monokuma. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Insane Danganronpa Executions!

00:32 #10. Mikan Tsumiki
01:15 #9. Mondo Owada
01:54 #8. Alter Ego
02:41 #7. Teruteru Hanamura
03:28 #6. Leon Kuwata
04:14 #5. Celestia Ludenberg
05:03 #4. Gundham Tanaka
05:45 #3, #2 & #1:???

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*M O N D O B U T T E R*
baby Kirby
When I saw the hamsters, I literally could not sleep!
Kokichi Oma
Just started the vid and if i dont see Kiyo or Gonta im gonna flip
Pink One
Suprised that Kirumi's exexution not there.

It was litterally torture.
Carla Marvell
The death I cried at is Kirekyo
Neina World
I do agree for the ones from danganronpa 1 but I skipped the ones that I didn’t see so I can’t agree with u until I watch the entire danganronpa series
l.n fox
Chiaki should have been just my opinion but I still like which you chose but I completely agree with number one
Jean Piolo
How is 1000 blows only no. 6?!
Xapatex123 Xapatex
Basically WatchMojo: Did we just spoil DR2's ending? OoPsIe!1!
Don’t worry guys, Mondo is in a *butter* place.
Resurrection // Picoper
Leon shoulda been number 1!
Caroline Arnado
Welp mondo is in a butter place now

Pun intended
Flvffy Card
Mikan's execution sucked :/
Narwhalia Gaming
Gundhams death was, honestly, the saddest death for me...

*I mean- he cast the spell to protect the ANIMALS. Not HIMSELF!!! That’s so sad!!!*
Radical Trickz
I fuckin' hate Chiaki and I'm fine with her death. Take that you flawless bitch.
Phataraphon Sirivajee
My question how did junko survive all the punishments except the last one
Gamer Bro
I like how you used the anime for Celes' execution. The way you can tell the difference is if the cam zooms in on the Monokuma voodoo doll. If it does, anime, if not, game
An updated version with some v3 deaths would be great. Kaede and Kirumi Tojo has two of the worst in the whole series for sure.
Carissa Anne's Art
Can you please remake this list adding some executions from V3?
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Top 10 LGBT Characters in Video Games Top 10 Insane Executions in Danganronpa 5 months ago   09:53

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