My Friend's Clingy Sister Had A Huge REACTING TO YOUR PHOTOSHOPS OF ME 6 months ago   10:10

Today I tell you about my friend's clingy little sister.
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✎Illustrated by Rirumato

Coloring by Tenshika✎

Additional Coloring by Honidu

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Sophia C
Oh you poor thing
Jeavoni Lozano
Just u dabing u deserve my dislike
Tyler Nixxin
Terry how the hell do you get the gurls tell me your secrets or am I just really ugly?
Amberry Chan
The shocked noise keeps getting me, no matter how many you tubers use it-
dodo at fortnite 123
Mitch:so you like my little sister

FBI open up
ExoticGaming_ 808
Her voice is matched to saying UwU
supreme noodle
When they said oh your going to the bathroom in a deep voice I laughed so hard
Lord Joseph stalin
bring her to me comrade
Masterbait2 Deth
Legend says terry never got to go to the bathroom
sweeshii ;
Tristen clark
John cene! XD
Owen Sullivan
My sisters boyfriends little sister is clingy to me and my friends little sister is the same and I’m litterally 11 and there both 6
Paige Kollars
I'm a female
r u this dumb or not
yeah that’s not real
Martin Cortez
If I was reaseling them I would punched him I may be a ten year old but I beat up a person with a soda can
fried cheese nugget
Terry: Yo I heard my sister has a huge crush on you, and I know 14 other girls that like you

Me: I heard girls think you’re an ugly ass nibba
Jocelyn Morales
Wow kids drinking that's stupid
Brady Flockton
Apple juice = beer
Callan Fox
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REACTING TO YOUR PHOTOSHOPS OF ME My Friend's Clingy Sister Had A Huge 6 months ago   11:55

Today we look at some amazing edits from you guys.
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