Opening A Dark Web Mystery Box (Apple DARK WEB MYSTERY BOX OPENING (GONE 1 day ago   20:49

I received a Dark Web Box a couple of days ago. Inside were a bunch of weird things, including an Apple iPad and a Flash Drive. Help me out with this one guys...
Thank you guys for the incredible support especially since I have been in a tough spot lately. I appreciate everything and if you guys want to support and contribute to my patreon I will link it below!

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What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Also, help me out if you can piece anything together!
aaron caywood
😱still no update as of 320 pm😱
Jadyn Welchel
So yesterday was July 14 and what happen did anything happen??????
Jo An
Anyone know how's he doing now? Been hoping for an update since.
Jessica LeAnn
reese olson
The moon back round reminds me of the moon man video
Señor Skywalker
Damion Chanthavy
“There is a micro camera inside the doll” damn that’s some scary shit
LB Booomsky
Guys did something happened on the 14th of July? He should let us know
Zack Klingman
It's July 15th, any word from Jasko?
Hazel Ready
Jaskinho I hope everything is ok
Jake Davis
Anyone else re checking to see what’s happened yesterday
Vance Andrew
The person said there is something in the doll and something on camera. As for the flash drive. I'd not risk it.
Liza Elizabeth
i remember watching the first this kind of videos on your channel and then i just unsubscribed because it all seemed so staged. but is this all you do now? looks like them following you wasnt enough if it all was real...
James Blundell
I hope im right that u staged these for entertainment purposes but if its real be careful for tommorow as its a full moon called thunder moon on 16th july be carefull if its true take care this full moon is for 3 nights
7-14-19 ????? update
Omar Martinez
“Inside the doll there’s a camera” 😱😱😱😱
if that little picture was you then i guess the last USB you connected to your laptop had the virus, if you had that picture in your laptop.
The 14th has gon and there’s no video ...
My Cleft Adventures
It's the 15th, are you okay?
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DARK WEB MYSTERY BOX OPENING (GONE Opening A Dark Web Mystery Box (Apple 1 day ago   19:51

this one was a bloody one... literally...
This Dark Web Mystery Box did not make too much sense to me so I am asking you guys as subscribers and viewers to please help me get to the bottom of this mystery guys!


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