VLOGMAS DAY 3 AND 4 | Casey Holmes Vlogs VLOGMAS DAYS 3 & 4: family would 5 months ago   34:58

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Let me know... when you purchase gift wrap, do you check how much you get??? hahaha Some people give you the TINIEST amount for a $5 roll... no ma'am.
Keersa Juarez
Omg I’m the same way about the bananas😂😂😂😂 love your videos!!❤️
Reganne Pearce
I’m tryna figure out where y’all are stationed! 😂
Samantha Kwait
I need to make my oatmeal that way! I always buy the Quaker Oats peanut butter and banana oatmeal but should definitely just make it at home
Erin Hausmann
Your boutique is my FAVE
Disney & Coffee
You can flock your tree you have now!! We did it with the fake snow & white spray paint :) love your vlogmas series so much, it’s just so relaxed & laid back. Very down to earth! Love ya❤️
Loran Calhoun
Where did you get that phone case 😍😍
Amber Stewart
Hi! Where is your jacket from?
Lisa Penfield
Your dogs are the cutest!
I'm so glad someone shares my love with the wrapping paper that looks like a brown shopping bag! My mom and I always talk about how little some wrapping paper rolls give you for how much money they are!
Tiffani Nichole
Could someone please tell me what’s on her nails?! I’m obsessed and can’t find anything about it. Thanks!!
FINALLY! Someone who loves the snow other than me!
Yellow Haired Flower
Omg I want that box with skincare and makeup I would die. Such an amazing gift!!
Allison Holley
does anyone know what kind of dogs Rose and Daisy are?
Brittany Pennell
Honestly wish I was one of Casey’s friends cuz LORD that makeup box was everything 😍 also wish I could spoil my friends like that! Haha hope you’re having an amazing day Casey!
Lauren Huett
What airline(s) do you go through for your red eye flights?
Tana K
When Daisy was sniffing in the lantern I was just WAITING for you to scare her!
Taylor McDowell
I’m the EXACT same way with my banana! I cannot stand spotty bananas. Bright yellow slightly green are the best! I love these long vlogs, it definitely makes cardio go by faster!
Allison Kay
Casey, What Barefoot Dreams blanket was that??
Kaitie Marcos
Watching you wave the scissors around while you were talking made me so nervous 😂😂😂💀💀💀
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VLOGMAS DAYS 3 & 4: family would VLOGMAS DAY 3 AND 4 | Casey Holmes Vlogs 5 months ago   21:48

in todays video I play would you rather with my family...

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