Ice age sea-level change in Hong Kong Hong Kong Black Rain 5 months ago   08:22

Professor Simon Haslett (University of Wales) explains how a unique record of ice age climate and sea-level change was investigated on the sea bed under what is now Hong Kong International Airport. The results of the analysis of a 40m sediment core was published by geoscientists from the Universities of Hong Kong and Wollongong in 2002 in the academic journal Quaternary International. Simon Haslett is Professor of Physical Geography and Pro Vice-Chancellor at the University of Wales. He is author of Coastal Systems (2016, University of Wales Press) and over 100 academic papers. Follow Simon on Facebook at

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Zeezy Mulla
great video! the clearest explanation on luminescence dating I've heard!!
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Hong Kong Black Rain Ice age sea-level change in Hong Kong 5 months ago   00:38

Govt has raised a "Black Rain" signal, meaning , it is advised to stay at home.

This video has been taken in IFC 2 building .