Sold the BRZ? We broke up? Can A Mazda RX-8 Achieve Over 2 months ago   14:49

Tj Hunt
just wanted to chill out today and answer some questions I've been getting a lot....

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David Tran Media
Sponsored by Tokyo tires now lol I see your hat teeeg
Raj Hansraj
What happened to the RX7
Saying how its the quietest day, while vacuum is blaring in the back hahaha
Bernardo Mota
What about Evan ? Evan Shanks ?
Lukas Ramos
Can you plz link the brz parts in the Description brand new
Something we haven’t seen....hmmm.. a BEAMS POWERED SUNY truck ? Or some sort of OG Honda powered build ? ✌🏽🔰
Daniel Parra
They say money doesn’t change you hmm..
Manny Medina
Lmao why was that cut with Sabrina?
Hector Alvarez
Ima need some pins
William Murray
do a collaboration with daily driven exotics. damon use to have a liberty walk 458
Michael Harrison
I haven’t watched tj in a while because I’ve been so busy at school... now he has a Ferrari
Dylan Johnson
I have the same problem with my OEMAudio subwoofer
James Abadilla
Where's the 350z?
Jacob Mcanally
Just wanna say i love you teeg haven't watched in awhile but im glad i did today. Your awesome man
Ezequiel Zavala
Thumbnail: “Bust down, Thotiana I wanna see you bust down”
Glad to see an aquarium on the channel. My YouTube channel is mainly on Planted aquariunset up and updats on what Ive done. Maybe you can check my YouTube channel if you get any down time. Thanks
Nicholas Caetano
I appreciate that advice at the end. I been doing my own thing for almost a year. Ups and downs. But for sure more enjoyable.
Back to whoring the girlfriend
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Can A Mazda RX-8 Achieve Over Sold the BRZ? We broke up? 2 months ago   22:01

This week, Alex takes the RX-8 on a hypermiling mission to see if it's possible to get 400 miles out of one tank of fuel!

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