Emergency Brexit debate LIVE John Oliver Anticipates A Brexit 2 days ago   3:14:43

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Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow has allowed an emergency debate over Theresa May's request to delay Brexit. (Subscribe: https://bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe)


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Martin Andersson
Gods, these lying thieves just disgust me now.
Manufactured artificial schizophrenia inflicted on a human being against their will is a human rights crime and torture.Organised theft of a human life.The television industry must as a group face court action.It is not a joke.The use of hypnotic suggestions without consent is a human rights crime and a modern slavery crime.Its the most grotesque and vile for of modern disconnect bullying.Like a psychological bullet or bomb of hypnotic suggestions to inflict psychological harm in a employee.The abusers must face their victim of their abuse in court.
Connie Dobbin
Such rubbish blah blah blah....leave means leave!
meena shehri
Can someone please pass on my message to the parliament to current pm or house of the lord ? Peterborough local community and also across the city including local government services. Are misstreating me. Is there anyone who have understanding, about how single mother and her children being attacked by local dirty type groups of women with their boyfriend...... Mother and children got destroyed by those people by blocking my social life within Peterborough and also by hacking my phone, I didn't received any reply to my email or txt, neither to my the comment communication way of getting touched with people and socialising my opinions. My phone never really worked as normally as it should be, I have been spoken with my network provider as policy contract no reason has given, they've made me fool just because I don't got any one how has experience or expert well acknowledged about technology. I have been given wrong handset by those groups of people even when I have paid for it......and my network company isn't helping me with testing the handset mobile phone, customer service over the phone has told me like they have no idea how and what can verify the test the machinery , local police didn't also helped. Phone are not necessarily have to be connected with Google or sign up with all original applications which are within the handset always those apps are won't be able to uninstull. Every smartphone handset has the original app and which got nothing to do I'm quite confident that, this was the planned of the local kanjery and the only way to block me from my limited contact made very easy to get things on the own way......this is how they've ruined innocent children by keeping them away from mother and threatened them like horror masoom innocent child badly abuse by local people including professionals. My innocent has been cired blood tear. Hurted by local kanjery who have dirty relationships with some police and professionals who from local community as Kala Paki and and honestly English those are the most people I got dealt by and by their reaction also not giving a single word for children and mother to show that professional are therefore to reassure us......I can't still believe that how horror cruel minded real demon within human body...... How keep control of innocent children and mother life it tells city of Peterborough and country of UK are country of criminal. Experiences of all these years and how these dirty type women get support by some previous political leaders. Even though I respectfully as pm of the presentation year did wrote the matter but didn't get any response from even through the local mp. And how these people damaged indirectly and top of these groups of dirty women played horrify game that I got nothing to do with what I have been hearing...... When they are hacking my own phone received my call by getting access to the app on my phone. And had spoken with my own children as me also my family in India with very cruel ways. USING my email and txt or YouTube comments all the emails that I requested government departments for help. Save unsent email or written txt on my phone .....local authorities professional was aware of this. About who attended my call regarding matters about my children......and damage by witchcraft tentick elam attached which recently has shown bad impact on my life and death mainly my children and family members I heard so much how they watched my children and me over and what they did for making our everyday look nonsense and used by them how these people killed and then created has made innocent life gone through a terrify...... I heard as far as I have known these those people I strongly assumed that David cemeron aware of and had supported dirty groups including himself......which very shamly it has shown how kindly criminal get treated and local gypsies get control over mother life to prevent her daily life actives by using witchcraft to prove that mothers and children are not capable to do much. And also mother getting harassed every day about her children. My entire life has covered within their group. My health beauty has completely ruined by their witchcraft I don't look the same, and if u think about scientifically it is very rare to get this type of fect. And face look doesn't get changed often as I have seen my..... And this year sexule attack by dirty kanjery are showing that these people has on faith in any point whatever and the fear of God not to be disturb innocent children or mothers who very honest and sincerely.... .. My doctor has ignored me totally I have told everyone since I started getting symptom my skin getting dark unhealthy old age, muscles...... My head started getting freeze since last 2017 doctor got on idea why it happened this my breathing started smell like gutter, doctor doesn't get bothered to see how badly I've shown the concern........... Local government services are aware of this situation and who is exactly behind all this And look like these people made business out of it. And for innocent they have got no sympathy.
74gilpin street Peterborough pe1 3bs
David Hargreaves
We should have had the debates 3 YEARS AGO!!!!....
oh wait a minute...WE DID!!!!!!!!!
michael sadler
More smoke and mirrors we are living in a country with pseudo democracy.
We are now more in the EU than before the referendum...May has made deals regarding our laws, and defence already with the EU...The Vote was to leave! the UK is run officially run by the EU fact(in its laws and its economy) . Parliment is now just a group of over paid staff of the EU. The People have been told you are too stupid to govern your own country!!!!
Gsh Ek
S et yo
Margaret Rutherford
Glad to see our illustrious leaders had everything planned out
Waaq Cir
With 75% Remain parliament any delivery of Brexit is invalid and should be challenged when there is a minimum 52% Leave parliament. Even if that takes the next 10years.
Maki Sato
Been listening for 1 hour, all these politicians waste time bashing the govt, ppl have heard these over the over again, go behind closed door and brainstorm on the withdrawal deal now. idiots.
Kat Zolita Mason
What a nightmare! I can see this leading to the most incredible divisions leading to possible absolute catastrophe in the future in ways people cannot even see now. Theresa May and more particularly The Tories , are the wrong people to be handling this all round. I cannot understand why the British people keep on voting for them.
Gregory Gorzycki
"Let them eat cake" she said!
Well done!
S Gill
NO DEAL IS THE ONLY OPTION RIGHT NOW. Ludicrous to take no deal off the table. Biggest mistake ever!!
Dion Starfire
What is that voice saying as each person stands to speak? It sounds a bit like Bercow, but I thought he had his own microphone, which means anything he says should be clearly audible.
John bercow. I may not always agree with him or his wife but continues to impress
Its not about the length eh. One persons long is somebodies short. Whats the issue being debated
Woffle, Woffle, Wofffle - Wont you give way !
The "Father of the house" obviously has a lot of children
reluctant messiah
whats fatso doing at the back of him . who is she texting ?
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John Oliver Anticipates A Brexit Emergency Brexit debate LIVE 2 days ago   08:10

'Last Week Tonight' host John Oliver looks ahead to what might happen in the U.K. should no deal be reached on the Brexit.

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