i-Hog Flying Pig Helicopter Smartphone Love tastes like wine 3 months ago   18:33

i-Hog Flying Pig Helicopter Smartphone App UNEDITED. There will be a few videos featuring this helicopter while I learn to fly it.

Terox Toys TT-6062 i-Hog RC Flying Pig Infrared controlled helicopter

Camera Canon Powershot SX60 HS
Editor Serif MoviePlus X6

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Nighthawk Gliders
I can relate. When I flew my Yuneec Breeze Quad I had hard time with smart phone controls as well... then I learned to keep my thumbs in contact with screen at all times. But without that tactile joystick of a normal radio, it is, indeed, more difficult!
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Love tastes like wine i-Hog Flying Pig Helicopter Smartphone 3 months ago   05:21

Kevin McFadden – A friend from the early 80s that I lost contact with. Knowing he was a musician and his band was Misdemeanor I occasionally scan the internet to see if I could track him down. Tonight I did, I found kevinmcfaddenmusic_com and unfortunately learned he recently passed away. The music I am playing is an awful copy probably from a tape or even his debut single he have us back in the early 80s. I do not own any copyright to this and this video is not monetised. I assume any copyright will be owned by his estate.

It will be interesting to see what YouTube's alogorithm makes of this recording, or maybe one of those automated music copyright chasers.

The text below is taken from that website

Kevin McFadden sadly passed away at his new home in Bradley Stoke, near Bristol on July 1st 2018.
Kevin, founder member, and songwriter for Misdemeanor, one of the country's best bands in the early 1980s, moved from California back to Bristol in early February, and was planning to start a new life with old friends and create new music. Kevin’s enthusiasm for all things musical and his great story telling ability, no doubt developed from his Irish background, will be greatly missed. Most of the tales he told were from personal experience living in N. Ireland, later the UK and USA and are far too funny and/or contentious to be repeated here. He used his great insight and his unique take on things to develop songs which were meaningful and stayed in your memory and was writing new material right up until he passed away.