Every Landlord's Worst Nightmare Landlords are now rejecting Section 8 applications 1 week ago   05:26

This is a bit disturbing video as a landlord's house is torn apart by a bad renter in Section 8. Your blood might boil watching this, so you have been warned.

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betty sue
Then people wonder why landlords are picky when renting out houses.
North American YouTuber
Some people are poor because they are just plain stupid.
phillip miller
Did you take out the sticks and branches from the toilets before the vid?
Heather Hubba
What a beautiful home!! Disgusting bitch!!!
Brian McCord
I would love to rent a place as nice as that...and for $50 a month (a blessing) I would be compelled to keep it mint.

Sorry that happened to your home man. Especially to a home you clearly loved and had memories. Awful.
This is what you get for renting to section 8 savages and ruining the neighborhood. These monsters probably made life hell for all of their neighbors while you saw them as easy, guaranteed rent.
Jessica Brown
It's a fact that more white people are on government support than blacks..... If people are nasty people are nasty. He obviously failed his duty to keep up with inspecting his homes and with maintenance he would've known he had a leak in his roof. I was a renter and the landlord would come every 6 month's and check the property to cover his ass and make sure I as the tenant held up my lease agreement. I now do the same.
Paul Nash
So sad.... I can’t even get sections 8 and I have been jobless for 2 years do to a bad back after 24 years of retail work...
Fluffy Panda
Black People most likely.
Traveling Guy
I think his Section 8 tenant was a wild black, lazy, careless, ghetto, leach on society’s taxpayers.
Cynthia Delafuente
This happened to u because you are a jerk ! This is not the governments fault. This is one family doing bad things but I find that people like you are just as bad as the renters! Sad you get away with this kind of nonsense!
Shannon Grammer
Not everybody on section 8 lives like that. Someone near and dear to my heart is on that. And lives beautifully. Matter of fact has o.c.d. So don't judge everyone on section 8 by one bad tenant.
Archie's Gaming
"The wonderful government allowed her to stay longer than I'd have liked"

Only under the Obama administration....
Elizabeth Burton
Did she have to pay you for the mess and repairs I hope?
BMW 2018
You have leverage sir. You can use their voucher as a tool to get even or better yet have their voucher revoked and they can’t live anywhere in the US under the housing authority.
J Ignatius
I hate to say this, but it's kind of your own fault. That is a very nice house and you shouldn't be renting it to welfare queens in the first place. Take the time to wait for a couple who both work! If I owned a place that nice I certainly wouldn't let it out to the a slobby ass career welfare leech!! IMO if they want to spend their lives living off the taxpayer tit they don't deserve a place that nice.
beloved Mceniry
Mentality of people make me sick. Nice house and thats what they do smdh
Shannon Walburn
And that is why you do inspections...monthly
Janice Breault
Your better off just selling the house!
jennifer seeley
Section 8 authorities will know where your tenants go next. It's called the legal system. Utilize it.
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Landlords are now rejecting Section 8 applications Every Landlord's Worst Nightmare 1 week ago   08:58

Liability for things that they don't do property owners