Every Landlord's Worst Nightmare Tenant destroys house by running 2 weeks ago   05:26

This is a bit disturbing video as a landlord's house is torn apart by a bad renter in Section 8. Your blood might boil watching this, so you have been warned.

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Sylvia Brown
everyone that's on Section 8 don't tear up their voucher this woman probably had medical problems or she had personal personal problems she didn't give a damn about to place that you gave her out of the kindness of your heart don't think that all Section 8 vouchers are like that because this is a lottery and as for the rest of your life my personal I would have never tore it up because once you damage a property you lose your section 8 so that's one less Section 8 person on the list I hope you fix your place and rent it out to another person with a good bouncer in the background and don't have to worry about the
Looks like LaQueefa and her fatherless spawn were living there
Karen Smith
I feel so bad for you!!!
Flowers & Roses 10
If I were you, just fix it one more time and sell it and say Goodbye! No more troubles with tenants!
Flowers & Roses 10
Well, Trump Just made a HUGE cut on Section 8! Looks like more people who don’t work will be getting jobs!
Christopher Winstanley
Feel heart sorry for the landlord, really is soul destroying. If rent are simular to Britain. One time it suited the landlord social security housing benefit, because the money was paid directly to the landlord. However, it's a risk in any currcumstance, but realistic anyone on low or irregular income are going to struggle. The sense of priority has long vanished. Home should be protected. It's adviced to do regular inspection. For all reasons. The game most tenants play here, they'll pay the set up cost, or pay nothing after because they know the legal process is long and could take anything from six months (maybe years). Eventually backs the tenant into a corner because no decent landlord will touch them. So sometimes people get themselves into their own mess.
Dominic Commisso
I'm sorry man. That's rough.
Lil B Shooter
Man ain't no way my people did that clean it up then. Must been white folks
Susan Sumner
Omg how could someone do that
Reality Real Estate
Being on section 8 does not mean
your a bad tenant. A bad tenant is a bad tenant, regardless of subsidized rent or not. Contrary usually a section 8 tenant will be be a good renter because that's the only place to live that they can afford. Do not stereotype section 8 people. Bad tenants can be anywhere.
Jacqueline Vogel
Hi..I am a widow on my own for 6 years, it has not been easy. My late husband was terminally ill for many year's. He had in order 2 heart attacks, triple bypass, cancer stage 4B, 10 months of chemo causing brittle bones to which his neck fractured, a third heart attack, a sroke, diabetes, and then the hard part...he received an emergency mechanical heart transplant on 10-12-12. It took 2 years to get SSI disability?? When he died I lost everything. I had no help. I struggle hard. I have had the same job 18 1/2 year's. I am clean, quiet, no drugs no alcohol, responsible and dependable. For the first time I admit I need help!! Next week I will recieve a voucher for section 8. This is the first time I have felt what true discrimination feels like..as I search for a home to hopefully live in till I can retire ( aprox 5 yrs) I was told by one landlord "We don't take "those" kind of people" What kind of people am I? ?????? I have been grouped with people such as your tenant. Yet I am no where in that catagory. I understand the concept people have about section 8 but there are just many renters who do not recieve section 8 who will destroy anyone's rentals. I am not looking for a handout, I simply need to have clean, descent, affordable housing where I feel safe. I have outstanding reference's!! It has been emotionally devastating for me to hear "NO NO NO NO NO NO" over n over as if I have the plague?? Surely someone out there could give me a break?? I am worth that chance. Not all section 8 people are bad tenant's. I refuse to be categorized!! In fact I will make a landlord proud of me if given the chance. I did not choose to be a widow with no insurance. I did not choose to struggle for 6 year's. I am choosing to NOT be one of "those people" I am 55 with arthritis, if I don't do this I will end up homeless. Yes it is embarrassing for me!! But someone please take a good look and give me a chance!!
For those of you who refuse to give someone a chance to prove all who recieve section 8 will destroy your property... I say this...My late hysand paved the way for others to receive life saving "Emergency" mechanical heart transplants" Those heart's contain a computer chip that can be information used to make better, more advanced, more effective mechanical heart's in the future. My late husband asked me once what his purpose was on this earth.. In his death through my pain I chose to have that chip retrieved for that information to better the mechanical heart so other's may have a chance to live. There was no discrimination in that decision. It may be your family who may one day benefit from my decision. I pray it is not!!
Never judge...
My Jeff had purpose on this earth..he and I have made a huge contribution to the medical world.
I am not one of "those" people!! whatever that means. I am "me" Someone please give me a chance?????
trose tah
I'm sorry 😔☹️
Linda Dannis
I would advise no landlords to rent to ANYONE with Section 8! It will eventually cost you more money, trouble and heartache than its worth.
Brian Ploszay
I do section 8. Very common that tenants will leave and not clean very well. That rarely destroys a place. The roof leak is the owner's responsibility. That size leak should have been caught. Every owner needs a twice a year inspection of the property at a minimum. It's not uncommon for tenants to under report the problems.

I want to be positive though. Most tenants are great people and do not destroy the properties.
Esin Murat
Man, I am so so sorry. :/
Marie Apple
I don't understand why people think that they're going to make a mint by renting out their beautiful homes to anyone! Put it up for sale and let someone else enjoy it as their own house. That's the only way that beautiful place is going to be taken care of. I've never heard one positive comment from anyone that rents their place. You're not there 24 hours to watch them. And they just don't give a rat's ass!
Kathren Thomas
OMG! That sucksss!!
Arleatha Richardson
Nice house. Had the wrong tenants in it
Nep Nep
Black privilege at work
Montana C
This is what happen when you gotta gibs dem dat
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Tenant destroys house by running Every Landlord's Worst Nightmare 2 weeks ago   12:55

See the amount of water damage that happens to a rental property when the tenants turn on a faucet and leave the house for two weeks!

The water ran down through the upstairs bathroom into the floors, and destroyed the kitchen ceiling downstairs. It kept going and tore up the hardwood floors, got into the kitchen cabinets and appliances and made it's way to the basement. When the water was finally turned off there was 8 inches of water in the basement. These tenants flooded the house!

If you are a landlord who wants to invest in real estate, reduce the changes for tenant damage to rental property by making sure you take these lessons learned: Always have a great insurance policy! Always give your next door neighbors your business cards. If my neighbor had not called, the water would probably still be running. Always take as large of a security deposit as possible.

At the end of the day, real estate investing is still a risk, but we protect ourselves against damage like this with insurance policies. This flooded rental property is a rare occurrence, but if you own enough rental property and have enough tenants, a damaged house is bound to happen eventually.

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