Every Landlord's Worst Nightmare Tenant destroys house by running 3 months ago   05:26

This is a bit disturbing video as a landlord's house is torn apart by a bad renter in Section 8. Your blood might boil watching this, so you have been warned.

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Why would the government help people who can't even help themselves?
You can’t NEVER trust a landlord when they say “This was all new” 98.99% of them are lying.

All they do is collect the rent and ghost the tenants when a repair is needed. When say tenants leave their property because they are tired of paying rent and not getting things fix, the landlords pull this video recording Shit with so called heavenly witnesses full of accusations, noting that the other party, the tenants are not present to defend themselves.

That’s why when I get Landlord v. Tenants disputes in my courtroom, I advice the tenants to take photos and videos of the property before leaving it and ask for a inspection WITH THE LANDLORD so the landlord doesn’t get away with their deposits or lies about the condition the property was left.

As for the yard maintenance, that is up to YOU the landlord to keep! You’re the type of landlord that want the whole rent money free of any bi monthly maintenance expenses So the tenants spend their money on YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
hyedi Johnson
😳😳😳😳😳😳$53 Fucking dollars a month!!!!! Holy shit! She deserves to live outside, with the dogs! We own a rental and we had THREE, in a row, renters who destroyed our house and two of them wouldn’t Fucking leave, so we had to go through all the bullshit to get them out. My husband and I were working both, full time jobs to support our three babies, and we had nothing. Then these disgusting assholes would take advantage of us by not paying their rent , which WE had to pay...thinking about it makes my blood boil. So very sorry that she did that to your home.
Goth Mog
We're you that hard up that you had to rent your house as section 8? No sympathy for you pal. You fucked up. Don't put ghetto trash in such a nice house. That's why we pay for the projects. Keep them in the hood.
dottie _53
Disgusting exactly what I was thinking
Sandra Kho
Such ghettoness!! I'm sorry you had to experience that.
Maegan Byerley
To be honest, if you're the landlord and in the contract you agreed that she would up keep the yard, why didn't you provide her with a lawn mower?
JEANNETTE belanger
So many filthy scumbags take advantage of the government money and landlords dealing with this filth I'm so sorry the world has people like this
cynthia ballard
every person that has section 8 is not nasty there are a lot of us who are looking for a nice place like this house to live in but now landlord don't want to rent because of people like this lady who damage there homes please don't stop renting to section 8 tenant because of one bad apple just make sure next time before you rent call the previous owners find out about who your renting this way you will know who will be living in your home so sorry that happen to you
I feel your pain. I have been there too. Never again. :(
Alliyah Camacho
Don't do that please?!! Don't lump everyone in need with the scumbag that ruined your house! You should post it to your local area codes/zip codes rental sites. Throw her name out everywhere but don't scare the public into working with other's that need assistance. Most people have common sense to keep their power on and not burn any type of counter tops anywhere & I should hope that people would close their windows if it was raining or they where expecting rain.
Brandy bubs
53... dollars u kidding me...
Kara Shea
I am SOOOOO SORRY. You sound like a great guy w a good heart and a family. I’m sorry they did this to you
Pants the Mancat
Who wants to live like that?! She must have been doing something illegal there to not just call up the landlord like everyone else when there's a problem! She can't even cough up $53?! I'm disabled and don't even qualify for section 8 because I didn't spit out a bunch of kids I can't afford. I can't believe that I share DNA with certain people. I always leave a property in better shape than when I moved in and I never get so much as a thank you.
Joyce Gresham
I'm sorry that happened to you this is so sad
A 2227
Bullshit, that's what you get renting to the wrong period. It has nothing to do with section 8! So don't generalize everyone on section 8. There are people that will rent that pay cash and will still stiff you on rent or leave the property damaged. Fucking asshole
Jill Kemp
That's a beautiful home, and I really don't understand why you did not understand that section 8 people do not care about anything. It's hard to feel sorry for you. You could have rented that out to a very nice couple with children.
Julie Najim
This whole video shows what will happen if we turn this country into a socialist country. People take care of the things they work hard for. Nobody forced you to rent to these people. The fact they are section 8 has nothing to do with the destruction they caused. When you sign up for assistance and your name comes to the top of the list, section 8 actually will pay you a surprise visit at your current home to see what kind of person you are. If you keep your home clean. If everything goes well, the tenent has to find a section 8 home. You must of met with this person, you must of gave her an application and did a background check along with a credit and reference check. After that section 8 inspects your home. This renter was not just approved by section 8 but you also would of had to approve her moving in. You as the owner can certainly do walk thrust with a couple days notice to see how your home is being treated. Section 8 also does an inspection every year the renter is there. Either this renter is a great actress or you dropped the ball on the background checks. I doubt the ceiling is her fault. You had a serious leak in the ceiling and the mold us also your responsibility. I would imagine you have homeowners insurance that covered the damage. Consider yourself lucky because this would mean you really aren't out much money. You received all but 53 dollars of the rent every month and the homeowners insurance took care if the damage plus you keep her deposit. So really you are only out the 53 bucks she didn't pay you. Lesson is, do a better check of your renter. Also be honest about who caused what damage. That house looks like it took a bit if time to get that way. Do walk thrus. You are the owner and with proper notice to the tenent, you can do a walk thru. You are the.owner, not section 8. You can approve or disapprove who lives there. I'm sorry this happened but I really believe you must accept partial responsibility for this. Section 8 or not, people will destroy things if you aren't careful. There are people like this of every race and of every financial status. Stop saying this happened because she was poor, that's bullshit and you know it. I've seen very well to do people thrash homes worse. Anyway, good luck and I hope you got it all taken care of. Good news is, this renter will not be allowed back on the program.
1 MadGina
You should have home owner's insurance and should have made it part of the lease for the tenant to have at least $500,000 in liability insurance.
The leaks had to have been active for a while to cause the wood to swell that badly and grow all the mold.
Section 8 will pay depending on the size of the family. She must have had kids to only pay $53 a month. At least you got most of your rent and have home owner's insurance to keep your loss to just lost rent while repairs are made. Section 8 applicants are screened thoroughly by HUD and you did a screening as well? No inspectors came to see this beginning and kick her off section 8? Seriously, section 8 tenants usually try hard to keep their rentals nice to stay on the program. Section 8 applicants must work or they don't qualify. No drug convictions to qualify. Six consecutive months of pay stubs and rental payment receipts are required to qualify. It's not a program you can just walk in and say gimme. Plus, there's a waiting period of like 2 years in most cities. Something is wrong here.
Dulcina Mallough
Not every tenant is that way. I'm section 8 tenant and I take care of our property cause it's mine until I move.
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Tenant destroys house by running Every Landlord's Worst Nightmare 3 months ago   12:55

See the amount of water damage that happens to a rental property when the tenants turn on a faucet and leave the house for two weeks!

The water ran down through the upstairs bathroom into the floors, and destroyed the kitchen ceiling downstairs. It kept going and tore up the hardwood floors, got into the kitchen cabinets and appliances and made it's way to the basement. When the water was finally turned off there was 8 inches of water in the basement. These tenants flooded the house!

If you are a landlord who wants to invest in real estate, reduce the changes for tenant damage to rental property by making sure you take these lessons learned: Always have a great insurance policy! Always give your next door neighbors your business cards. If my neighbor had not called, the water would probably still be running. Always take as large of a security deposit as possible.

At the end of the day, real estate investing is still a risk, but we protect ourselves against damage like this with insurance policies. This flooded rental property is a rare occurrence, but if you own enough rental property and have enough tenants, a damaged house is bound to happen eventually.

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