Every Landlord's Worst Nightmare Landlords are now rejecting Section 8 applications 2 months ago   05:26

This is a bit disturbing video as a landlord's house is torn apart by a bad renter in Section 8. Your blood might boil watching this, so you have been warned.

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Maitre Savard
Your house was lovely. I would have rented it from you for the full $1,053. Too bad. The problem with the rental market both here in Canada and the United States is that landlords are excluding single professionals who don't make 200K salaries, but we're not on govt. assistance either. There are not enough rentals at the reasonable rate you were charging that nutty lady. We frequently have to compete with double-income couples who are also looking to rent, but who between them make higher salaries. The govt.-subsidized tenants may bring you higher rental income, but they are also likely to trash your place and piss off the neighbours with their.....different cultural esthetic.
Back Gambit
I want forgot to tell you just told me at work any battle food Food stamps must work about 20 hours or they will be restricted
anna ramey
Not all section 8 people I am disabled and was never like this nor was my mom. It's people like this that give us all a bad name though. My mom had such a good name that landlords knew she was a good tenant and took a small deposit and let us make monthly payments. And he rented to us twice at two different properties and even now although my mom is dead (I took care of her until she died). And when I moved to a different town from the small city I lived in he told me I could always move back and if I ever needed him as a reference he'd be happy to be one.
patricia morrow
When a section 8 person leaves a place like that they should not be able to be on section 8 It's not right.
Schatze Hampton
53 bucks a month I'm 19 and I could cover that and bills working 8 hours a week plus it would be in better condition
she must have been a dirty crack whore?
Rebekkah Risien
Sections 8 do yearly inspection
Good..... I love to see Landlord's get screwed over!!!!! The American landlord's greed is what leads to people to needing section 8 and NOT being able to afford rent. I hope your next tenants get you too...........
Yep, 40% of section 8 are just trash and the percentage of that you can find out by looking it up but most people already know the ratio. More white people are section 8 but more criminals abusing it are non-white.
Jason Walker
Why in hell would he have rented this Section 8?
If i were you i’d sue that nasty piece of shit cunt, take her nasty ass to court and the judge will make her pay for all damages and for the fridge and washer n dryer and the stove, if she dont have any money then she will just have to pay u when ever she does get some money just like child support kinda, she wont be able to rent anywhere else and she will have problems tryin to get a job, she wont be able to finance a car or house or anything until you are paid in full, the judge can issue a court order of some sort, i cant remember what its called but it will ruin her life until u are paid back in full, if i were you i’d ruin that piece of shit cunt. If she did get a job she would have to give you a portion of every paycheck she gets
Derek Bedford
Bitch should be jailed. For that.
Wayne Hood
What do you expect from monkeys? Next time make sure theyre white.
Back Gambit
Almost forgot to tell section 8 landlords required one month inspection of the apartment thinking about them now at least once a month
Back Gambit
I know section 8 in Peoria Illinois you go to work or volunteer Or you’re out or have a criminal record you’re definitely out
John Smith
That was such a beautiful home. You need to scrutinize potential tenants thoroughly with something that nice. Sec 8 would have the $30 faucet not the $300 one. Opt in for the linoleum flooring instead of real wood. That house was customized for your family not Sec 8. Sorry for your losses. That was an expensive lesson to learn.
Fred Fischer
I'm sorry you had to go through that with those tenants. But I'm an section 8 renter. I grateful for it and I respect my landlord's property. If you were to ask them I'm sure they would agree.
LindaLee EVPeace
Your house used to be beautiful😭
Jason H
That's why I only rent to older people ( vets, retirees with disabilities)
Jay William
Not all Section 8 people do this but this person is definitely Bottom of the barrel scum.
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Landlords are now rejecting Section 8 applications Every Landlord's Worst Nightmare 2 months ago   08:58

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