The Untold Truth Of Nipsey Hussle's Lil Pump sentenced to LIFE after 1 day ago   05:15

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Actress Lauren London was thrust into the spotlight when her partner, Grammy-nominated artist Nipsey Hussle, was murdered in March 2019. The very private mom of two has opened up a bit as she grieves, but there's a lot you may not know about the slain rapper's girlfriend.

Since 2013, Lauren London has been known partially as Nipsey Hussle's TV star girlfriend, but he wasn't the first rapper that the actress called her beau. According to Bossip, there were rumors that London got engaged to Lil' Wayne in 2007, but she didn't confirm the fact until years later in an interview with Skin Deep author Kathleen Cross:

"We tried more than once to revive it, and we were engaged briefly years ago, but we eventually parted ways."

The actress reportedly first met Lil' Wayne when she was 15 years old, and contrary to popular belief, they didn't have a one-night stand. The pair did have a child, but worked hard to protect him from the public eye.

Watch the video for more about the untold truth of Nipsey Hussle's girlfriend!

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Formerly engaged to Lil' Wayne | 0:17
Almost cast in 'Notorious' | 0:55
She struggles with fame | 2:01
Auditioning for ATL | 2:49
Nipsey slid into her DMs | 3:27
An enduring romance | 4:06

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Why Has Google Messed With My Channel... Again
"They met the old fashioned way... On Instagram" lol
yall have NO CLUE who she is & this video proves it... just don't speak on stars you know nothing about
Mariette Teihotaata
If you're gonna do a mini doco on anyone in hip hop you better do your bloody homework!! She's not Nipsey Hustles girlf. She's Lauren mofxckin London. I knew of Nipsey because of London. This video is stupid as shxt!
Da Exec
Lilah Moon
This is the sexism of culture. Fuck anything she accomplished her deferrment to a man is most important
Mia C
Now shes just his gf? Now that he died? lol Well death really made him way more famous he wasn't really before like that big
Glenice Richardson
First of all Lauren don't need a man to validate who she is. I didn't know Nipsey but i knew her first. She is beautiful and talented through Jesus and there's nothing you can do about it so get your own life and stop hating! RIP Nipsey!💝
Walela_ Ki
Yea his girlfriend that didnt cry not one tear at the funeral.....
Rashonia Henry
No one should’ve ever told this person that post this to get out of their shell and make videos.
Elizabeth Jae
You reaching. The culture already knew Lauren. Go have seats
lol tv
Are u serious dude he4 world just got turned around l. Leave her alone
Heydi Rogers
She had her own life...
But now her name is "nipsey hustle girlfriend" wow.. leave her alone.. let her be private
Flower Power
@ killed nipsy'@ killed nipsy'@ killed nipsy'@ killed nipsy'@ killed nipsy'@ killed nipsy'@ killed nipsy'@ killed nipsy'@ killed nipsy'@ killed nipsy'@ killed nipsy'@ killed nipsy'@ killed nipsy'@ killed nipsy'
eileen murray
This is stupid🤦‍♀️
Candis Hasfal
We all knew LL years before she was with Nip 🙏 Get your facts straight. This video is highly disrespectful and annoying.
alisha carroll
Who made this why is this up here let her rest she not trying to feel no one shoes or anything why is this important thing when we lost a brother
Solid NMA
Delete your channel how disrespectful are you this is a dead mans wife and your worried about her past how dare you
Cynthia St Hilaire
We know Lauren London! Don't try to make it seem like we never heard her name
Fast Money
Lauren London is a woman of respect Nipsey Hussle is a man of respect an im grateful to have witnessed their life together respect an blessings to both of them an their families
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''laurel london that baby thooo''
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Lil Pump sentenced to LIFE after The Untold Truth Of Nipsey Hussle's 1 day ago   10:09

Lil Pump sentenced to LIFE after this happened...
Lil Pump is an icon in the rap industry. Lil Pump has started trends that no one would've predicted and a whole movement based on him and what he does. Lil Pump even made a song and music video about this titled "Lil Pump - "Be Like Me" ft. Lil Wayne (Official Music Video)" where he calls out his imitators and anyone trying to be him. Lil Pump's track to stardom truly took off when Lil Pump released his famous track "Lil Pump - "Gucci Gang" (Official Music Video)". This took Lil Pump everywhere and from this, his ego grew to. Lil Pump began getting into more and more trouble as time progressed. In this video, we breakdown the possibility of Lil Pump freedom. Please let us know what you think about the video and what you would like to see next.

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