Radio controlled car racing | Radio RC car PORSCHE 956 gets unboxed, TUNED 5 months ago   04:50

Presenter Mike Smith discovers how competitive Radio controlled Car racing can be.
First shown: 1977
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Trevor Taylor
Oh.. You've got left.. And right.! Jolly good.!
Mardave are still going taday.. I had a Mardave Mini years ago.. Furious little thing.!
They do Mardave only championships, so it's down to skill alone. (which I don't have, judging by the amount of spares I bought) lol.
They've moved on a bit nowadays..
The Chinese have cornered the "Cheap n' Cheerful" market.. £150/200 will have you smiling.. For a week till you've got to order spare parts.. A couple of days later, you'll be smiling again though.!
Brushless electric motors & Li-Po batteries have made them mental fast today.. 100+ out the box.!
lol , does it have suspension, yes, and also the chassis flexs, brilliant...
Wes Raynor
Yeah, well we can't all be natural born TV presenters can we!   I could have done better for sure and I don't need telling about it.   Fortunately I was better at producing low cost car kits which got many people into the hobby and regularly hear the words 'Oh, my first car was a Mardave!'.    Amazingly many people still run our early cars and contribute to manyFacebook pages on vintage Mardaves.     I was very lucky to be in the right place at the right time to be in on a new hobby and to make a living out of it.
John stairs
Wes Rayner not exactly selling me on the idea
Man that's Classic RC's I was Seventeen and remember that style of chassis at the Go Kart Track that I was running on.. Having Fun RCing Laughing and Playing ✌️😎 👍
Cookie Monster
1:38 Left AND right!
Hey Micky
Wes Raynor, who went on to create magracing? No Way lol
ThrillSeeka NZ
Right so you've got left and right there... lol
Irfan Khan
I remember watching this as a kid just hitting my teens,,,great times,,,a gem and nod to the good old days,,,,
Adore Endure
Shaw Taylor and Mike Smith sadly left us an age ago. Rip
Wow, Wes was a bag of fun!! One word answers to Mikes questions.
Katie Fraser
Awww Smitty looks so young , rest in peace Smitty , remembered always
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RC car PORSCHE 956 gets unboxed, TUNED Radio controlled car racing | Radio 5 months ago   14:08

Awesome PORSCHE R/C race car in 1/27 scale. It's a Kyosho Mini-Z. Partially filmed at Enjoy watching!
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