Manafort’s Double Flip, Trump’s Conan Rents A Family In Japan 6 months ago   06:10

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It’s a turbulent week for Team Trump as Paul Manafort violates his cooperation agreement with Robert Mueller, the president continues to clumsily refute startling climate change reports, and Ivanka is confronted about her use of a private email.

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No Name
I got this channeling that global warming is supposed to happen, the planet is supposed to get hotter. they are spraying the sky to avoid the strength of the sun aka RA to come through.

And people are programmed to be worried about global warming. The poles I feel are very important hidden information about earth. That's why we don't have access to them.

I got that when they start to melt away that's when we "melt" into truth. It's a whole other world in the poles that is frozen away.

All myths start from somewhere since we can't really make up anything it's all existing some where where in the universe. the whole Santa and the elves is a bigger picture. I feel there are beings inside the earth that are waiting to come up, they have been frozen by time (Saturn moon matrix)

The shift is happening on the world wide web (4D) before it trickles down to 3D reality.

What are your predictions for the new age 2020?
Dark Orange
Trevor doing trump presona and taking like Michael Jackson is fucking funny
airwaydude '01
Manafort's voice in the July 2016 news clip is eerily reminiscent of Sylvester Stallone's voice
Horse voice isn't sexy. Opposite her husband?!~ neither is sexy
"A king who must say 'I am the king' is no true king" in that same vein, an intelligent man who must say "I am intelligent" is probably an idiot
Rose Bottom
"Resting snitch face"
Ryan Sisco
I’d also like to point out that the daily show is a comedy show. Not real news... Trevor Noah is just a face that spews the SJW rhetoric his writers drum up.
Ryan Sisco
I can admit that Trump isn’t the best speaker ever, especially when you compare him to the silver tongued snake that came before him. However, as brash and unrefined as he is, he’s ACTUALLY getting shit done. He’s not just talking about it. He’s not just promising us things like ALLL the other politicians did. He’s actually making things better. We need better border security. We need better trade deals. We need to make America more prosperous. Our economy is not nearly as anemic as it used to be. More people are going back to work. You’re getting less taxes STOLEN from your paycheck. None of you look at the work that’s being done. You’re too hung up on appearances... The man didn’t even think he would actually become president... But so far he’s doing a better job of repairing this country than the last 3 presidents did. Stop drinking the cool aid and look at the facts surrounding all the drama the fake news media has been shoving in front of you. Wake up.
tiger khan
Trevor admit
you are getting millioner because of trump😂😂😂
Tanya Brooks
Am I watching a series????lol
abdulaziz yalahow
Duncan Lockwood
0:21 who the hell is that stalker in the far right?!
MadeYou React
Bruh Trevor Why you look high asf in the thumbnail ???
Mickey McGowan
Does anyone else get the impeach Donald ad as well? Like for every video? This might be off topic just it scares me knowing we'd be getting pence as a president if dinild shrimp was impeached and that comes up before every yt Video
Aftertale Fanatic
lvanka sounds like a philosophical speaker that spends most of her weekends smoking
fak you, propagandist..hatred need to be hangen on red-square,..
PrincessMegan Elsa
jam beats
Paraphrasing is now a thing in America's government. Trump paraphrasing Idi Amin, now his daughter, Hillary.
elvisstopper 420
She should do a porno!I would love to see her get fucked.
David Beaulieu
Just get him on emoluments and stfu
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Conan Rents A Family In Japan Manafort’s Double Flip, Trump’s 6 months ago   06:47

Conan’s real family is tired of him, but his rental family is more than happy to fake laugh at his jokes.

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